Jun 25, 2014 Company

DoorDash Turns 1

It’s hard to believe that it has been just one year since we launched doordash.com, then a small scale operation run by the founders, all of whom served as the original drivers. And what a year it has been! DoorDash has now served 1 in 6 households in the peninsula, employed thousands of drivers, raised nearly $20 million in venture capital, and is on a fast path toward launching across the country.

Here is a “then” and “now” reflection, written by one of our first drivers and team members, Jake Vertin, who joined us one year ago and is a summer intern with us today.

My story with DoorDash begins in May 2013 at a Starbucks when I answered a Craigslist ad to become a driver for a company called Palo Alto Delivery, the company’s name before it was rebranded to DoorDash on June 21, 2013. I was looking for a job while I was home during summer vacation before going back to college later that fall in Montreal. It was my first meeting with one of the founders. We went over a simulated delivery, and I received some background about the company.

In that meeting, just a year ago, I was told that drivers were manually routed to orders via text messaging, tracked with Find My Friends (the iPhone app), and payments were collected with a Square card reader. So it was hard to imagine the founders’ vision of building an automated assignment algorithm, a driver app that has made delivering as simple as possible, and technology that would ensure each pick up and drop off was timed perfectly so that food would always be hot and fresh. I don’t think anyone really knew what we were getting into, but I quickly realized that these guys were on to something, and I was excited to be a part of it. When I came back this summer for an internship, it was clear that the company had become something very different; the vision of DoorDash was starting to become reality.

When I first told my father last May that I was working for this new delivery startup, he was far from impressed. He wanted me to find a “real” job and something far more challenging. Now, he readily admits how he will forever be a bit embarrassed about his initial response.

DoorDash is like a religion for the people who work here. We want to spread the love, and we truly believe the impact that we will have on local communities nationwide will be incredible for our consumers, merchants, and drivers. Like one of our drivers told me yesterday, “The red of our DoorDash shirts is spreading like wildfire”.

We have built an array of technology that has enabled our company to scale quickly and reach new markets. We have also built an incredible team of dedicated employees to achieve our vision of empowering local merchants to offer delivery while enabling thousands of local drivers to have a flexible and fun job while making extra pay.

Our greatest thanks through this journey goes to our customers. While we hope that we’ve been able to give you back some of your time, you have helped us grow to become a better service and company. Your expectations have defined our impeccably high customer service standards for our team. In short, DoorDash would not be the company we are today without you.

It is with you in mind that we gather to celebrate our first year. On Monday, June 30th, the DoorDash team will celebrate our 1-year birthday and won’t be offering the dinner service. We will be spending time as a team reflecting upon the past and preparing for the future. So, while we won’t be in service next Monday, rest assured that service will resume as normal July 1.

Thank you so much for your support, and here’s to Year 2!

– Amanda and Jake