Apr 1, 2016 Consumer

Introducing DoggyDash, Our Newest Way to Fetch Your Order

At DoorDash, we’re focused on providing the best customer experience possible. That’s why, over the past few months, we’ve been working on an exciting project that takes bringing you your slippers to a whole new level.

Today we’re launching DoggyDash, the very best way to get your order delivered to your door. You don’t have to do anything different. Just sit and stay where you are, and let your very own Doggy Dasher take care of the work.

Here at DoorDash we’re all about eating our own dog-food, and have been piloting DoggyDash internally for the last few weeks, so we know it’s the best of breed. Our rigorous testing has shown that four legs are faster than two meaning that your order will be at your door faster than ever.

We’ve also been working with our Doggy Dashers to make sure they are well-trained on how to provide the best delivery. Their keen sense of smell can recognize all your favorite restaurants, meaning unparalleled order accuracy every time. And by delivering each order with a friendly face and a wag of a tail, we know they’ll leave you begging for more.

There’s no bone about, DoggyDash is the best way to order. So use promo code DOGGYDASH today only for $2.00 off your order and experience a dog’s life today. But if you miss out, don’t worry because there’s always April Fools Day next year.