Jan 17, 2018 Consumer

Delivering Good: It’s a Movement

By Tony Xu, CEO and Co-Founder

When we launched DoorDash in 2013, things were pretty different. Back then, we were called “Palo Alto Delivery” and had just eight menus to choose from.

But I’ve always believed in the potential of DoorDash and what we stood for. And while we’ve spent the last four years — heads down — working hard to build our business and improve our service, we’ve never shared our story. Until today.

My co-founders and I started DoorDash to help local businesses. Growing up in the Midwest, I watched my mom work tirelessly in her restaurant, where I worked alongside her to help achieve her American Dream. She ultimately saved enough money from her restaurant to start a medical clinic and return to her roots as a doctor.

I see my mom’s story everywhere these days. Everyone is passionate about fulfilling their own American Dream. Whether you’re a working mom looking to make a difference at work and home, a college student seeking flexible ways to pay tuition, or a restaurant owner focused on growing your business, we salute you and the grit, ambition, and resourcefulness you show daily. At DoorDash, we stand for people like you – the everyday person constantly looking to improve in order to realize their full potential.

Our mission is to deliver good by connecting people and possibility. For Consumers, we help you spend more time with your friends and family, or get ahead on your favorite projects. For Dashers, we offer flexible work opportunities to help you achieve even bigger goals. For Merchants, we increase your reach and help grow your business.

To help tell our story, we’re launching a new set of initiatives to deliver good within our communities.

You’ll see a brand new logo and a visual identity that reflects the spirit of DoorDash. With the refreshed logo, we’re reinforcing all the qualities the company has always thrived on: making bold moves, being relentless and fast-moving, standing for reliability and efficiency.

During the first wave of our “Delivering Good” movement, for every order placed with DoorDash from now until the end of January, we’ll donate one meal in partnership¹ with Feeding America®².

Finally, we’re kicking off Project DASH, our new initiative focused on tackling the massive problem of food waste and hunger. The average restaurant has 100,000 pounds of excess food every year, and only 1.4% of it is donated. The biggest barrier to donation, according to 78% of restaurants? Not having the logistical means for delivering to food banks and shelters. To help, we’ve rolled out programs in New York, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area, and there will be more to come in 2018.

I want to personally thank you for making DoorDash the success it is today — we wouldn’t be here without you. We are humbled to be part of your journey and what it represents. And I hope you will join us in the movement to deliver good.

Tell us how we help “deliver good” into your life! If you’re up for it, please email your story to me at [email protected] — I’d love to hear your experiences, and I know the rest of the DoorDash community would, too.

Upward and onward!

¹$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks.

²About Feeding America: Feeding America® is the largest hunger-relief organization in the United States. Through a network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs, we provide meals to more than 46 million people each year. Feeding America also supports programs that prevent food waste and improve food security among the people we serve; educates the public about the problem of hunger; and advocates for legislation that protects people from going hungry. Individuals, charities, businesses and government all have a role in ending hunger. Donate. Volunteer. Advocate. Educate. Together we can solve hunger. Visit www.feedingamerica.org, find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter