Jun 27, 2019 Dasher

Improving the Dasher Experience

Tony Xu, co-founder, and CEO

From day one, our goal has been to build the best possible platform for all our users, and the only way to achieve that effectively is to continuously listen to and collect feedback from all members of our community. In March, we launched an enhanced effort to get feedback directly from Dashers on our pay model and how we can make DoorDash work better for Dashers overall. We held roundtable discussions with Dashers in Chicago, Austin, and San Francisco. We also invited Dashers to take online surveys, asking them to prioritize the improvements that they’d most like to see.

Thousands of Dashers provided feedback on everything from the pay model to restaurant wait times. The feedback was invaluable. And yes, at times, the feedback was also humbling. We now have the opportunity to channel this feedback into positive changes for Dashers — changes that I believe will make our platform even stronger and will continue to improve the Dasher experience more broadly. We are committed to maintaining this ongoing dialogue and we expect our platform will continue to evolve over the years to reflect feedback from the Dashers, consumers, and merchants we serve.

What We Heard

Overall, we heard that Dashers value transparency and fair, consistent earnings. With our current pay model, Dashers see a guaranteed minimum — including tips — prior to accepting a delivery. The guaranteed minimum is based on the estimated time and effort required to complete the delivery. Providing this guarantee upfront means that Dashers are more likely to accept all kinds of deliveries because they know what their earnings will be even if the customer provides little or no tip. As a result, customers receive their orders faster and more reliably, which in turn generates more opportunities for Dashers. Dashers will continue to see this upfront guaranteed minimum, and as described below Dashers will also be able to see the breakdown in their earnings for each delivery.

We also heard that there are things we can do to improve the Dasher experience. In an online survey, we asked Dashers to prioritize how we can make DoorDash work better for them. Here are the top 10 things Dashers told us, in priority order:

What We’re Changing

We’ve spent the past weeks hard at work planning, building, and testing ways to address these concerns. We’re excited to announce several product changes and other initiatives today.

  • Earnings breakdown. The #1 thing Dashers told us they want is to see the breakdown in their earnings between what DoorDash pays and what a customer tips. We have always provided transparency on the front end of each dash by showing Dashers the guaranteed minimum, the location, and name of the restaurant, the drop-off location, the size of the order, and the estimated time to complete the delivery. We are now rolling out even more transparency after each dash. Right after your delivery, Dashers will be able to see the earnings breakdown, which will also be reflected in the weekly earnings tab. This has been rolled out to all Android users and will be available to all iOS users in the coming weeks.
Post Delivery Screen (on left) and New Earnings Breakdown Screen (on right)
  • Better earnings for longer-distance deliveries & more deliveries closer to where you are. We know that Dashers’ time is valuable, and we heard that Dashers want us to make longer-distance deliveries more worth accepting. In the coming months, we’ll be improving our calculations to increase guarantees for longer-distance deliveries. Dashers will start to see these changes in the guaranteed minimum that they’re offered. We also know that many Dashers simply prefer shorter deliveries, closer to where they start their dash. While Dashers are free to accept or reject any delivery they’re offered, we’ve been working to optimize our systems to offer Dashers shorter deliveries, and we’ve already begun to see results, with an approximately 20% drop in longer-distance deliveries over the past few months.
  • Better incentives. We know Dashers care a lot about incentives, and we heard that it’s difficult to learn about upcoming peak pay, understand the requirements to achieve it, and to track progress. We’re focusing on two ways to address these issues. First, we’re rolling out a new “Promos” entry point on the Dasher app home screen that makes it easier for Dashers to find upcoming peak pay and better plan their schedule. We’re also testing ways to make peak pay incentives easier to achieve and making the eligibility requirements more clear. These new updates will increase ways to earn on the platform. We’ll keep you in the loop as we make progress.
  • Reducing wait times. Our goal is to enable Dashers to arrive just as the food is ready so Dashers can earn more money in less time and customers can receive their food fresh. We have a team working to address this issue. We’re focused on improving the timing of when Dashers are offered deliveries to help avoid early arrivals, better-predicting food prep times, and working with merchants to reduce late orders.

Updated Communications

It has always been important to us to provide information to Dashers, consumers, and the general public about how our pay model works. We’ve updated our Dasher and consumer FAQ pages to explain the model and the benefits it provides to all of our users. We’re also making it even easier for consumers to learn about the pay model by adding a link to the FAQ page right on the checkout screen.

Ongoing Dialogue

We also want to formalize how we receive feedback from Dashers so we can stay in tune with their perspectives on an ongoing basis. We’re therefore launching a Dasher Community Council with representation from Dashers around the country. DCC members will help shape DoorDash’s future by testing new product features and acting as a sounding board for ideas. The DCC also helps strengthen the Dasher community by voicing community concerns and planning community-building events. For Dashers interested in volunteering for a role on this Council, please see more information here.

Injury Protection for Dashers

Finally, I want to use this opportunity to announce something I think is especially important. Beginning June 27, 2019, occupational accident insurance will be available for all U.S. Dashers while on a delivery. There’s no cost to Dashers and no need to sign up. This insurance includes medical expenses, disability payments, and survivors payments resulting from a covered accident. DoorDash is already a leader in offering unprecedented freedom and flexibility to enable everyone from students to teachers to retirees to achieve their goals on their own terms. Dashers tell us that being their own boss is the #1 reason they choose to work on our platform. I believe that DoorDash can also be a leader in helping to provide more security in this new type of work. Today’s announcement is the first step in that direction. More details on coverage limits and eligibility are available here.

At DoorDash, we will continue listening to our community so we can build the best platform for all of our users. I want to thank the Dasher community for participating and providing feedback. I believe these changes will help us create a better experience for the Dashers, consumers, and merchants we serve and we look forward to maintaining this open dialogue so we can continue to improve in the years to come.