Oct 25, 2019 Consumer

Eat Your Costume this #DashOWeen

We know a thing or two about delicious deliveries. We also know that food costumes are some of the most popular choices when dressing up each Halloween. To celebrate the epic mashup of food and costumes, we’re taking Halloween beyond a sweet treat this year.

This Halloween, we’re launching “Eat Your Costume” to reward customers for dressing up as their favorite food item. That’s right, for every foodie costume posted from Friday, October 25 through October 31 at 11:59 pm PT, DoorDash will reward customers with $10 off that food item so you can continue to treat yo’ self in fashion.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a pic of yourself (or anyone who’s willing – friends, significant others, babies, fur babies) dressed as a food item that is orderable on DoorDash (think hamburgers, avocado toast, sushi, hot dogs, french fries, bowl o’ pho, milkshakes, risotto, etc.)
  2. Follow @DoorDash on Instagram or Twitter
  3. Post your costume photo on Instagram or Twitter using #DashOWeen
  4. Wait for DoorDash to DM you $10 in DoorDash credit for the food you’re wearing
  5. Open DoorDash app, order food, and “Eat Your Costume!”

Even spookier, one lucky winner will receive $1,000 in DoorDash credit AND a FREE year of DashPass, DoorDash’s monthly subscription service, to keep your treating going all year long!