Oct 5, 2021 Consumer

DoorDash Taps into a Disney Classic Song to Launch New DashPass Campaign 

There are some songs that put a little boogie in your shoes when you hear it, even as an adult. One such delightful ditty is “The Bare Necessities” from Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book.’ The iconic, bouncy tune features in DoorDash’s second dedicated DashPass creative entitled, you guessed it, “Bare Necessities.” 

The experiences powered by DashPass highlight how a family fulfills their range of necessities through multiple same-day deliveries on DoorDash with DashPass’ unlimited $0 delivery fees. The work playfully juxtaposes the song to purchases for the entire family’s differing necessities—like multiple dog outfits, upgrading the office break room, and remote batteries– reinforcing the wide breadth of items available to order with unlimited $0 delivery fees through DashPass, including grocery, convenience, pet, and alcohol items. Paired with the natural ease of the song, the intention was to demonstrate how simple DashPass makes it for someone to get all their life’s “needs”—no matter what they are or who they’re for—whenever and wherever they need them. 

“With this DashPass campaign, we wanted to create work that hit hard on the real-world benefits available with DashPass but also have some fun with dope creative that uniquely showcases the wide breadth of selection available to consumers,” said David Bornoff, DoorDash’s Head of Brand Marketing. “By using a beloved, classic Disney song the TVC shows how DashPass makes it possible for the whole family to get their “bare necessities” —from food to clothes to batteries and more— whenever and wherever they need them, all while accessing the best of their neighborhood.”

The new ad further cements DashPass as the must-have, all-access pass to the best of your neighborhood following DoorDash’s well-received DashPass Pup campaign and Busch Dog Brew collaboration with Anheuser-Busch in early September. The creative comes on the heels of DoorDash’s recent alcohol, grocery, and retail announcements and leverages a Disney classic song to demonstrate how DashPass unlocks new categories for DoorDash customers. The :30 will launch in broadcast this week, with :15 and :06 versions for online and in social placements.