Today DoorDash Canada in partnership with WoodGreen Community Services have launched a financial empowerment program to provide free financial literacy resources to Dashers across Canada. This is the first financial empowerment program for Dashers in Canada and expands on our commitment to empowering Dashers through various programs and services.  The program will consist of a series of in-person and remote financial education workshops, as well as the creation of a pre-recorded webinar available on-demand.

“With more workers choosing to enter the gig economy for flexible work opportunities, the need for financial education and counselling is more important than ever,” said Steve Vanderherberg, Vice President of Community Programs at WoodGreen Community Services. “Our partnership, announced today, will provide resources to suit the unique financial needs of people who benefit from flexible work options. ”

To ensure that the workshops are customised to suit the needs of the evolving workforce, DoorDash and WoodGreen Community Services will work closely with the Dasher community to gather feedback and ensure that the content is tailored for participants. For example, the content and format of the workshop for students will differ when compared to the workshop for newcomers based on feedback from those respective groups. 

The program’s workshops will be facilitated virtually or in-person by WoodGreen Community Services, covering topics including:

  • Gig work income management for multiple streams of income
  • Budgeting
  • Savings
  • Financial empowerment supports
  • Employment support
  • Settlement services

The partnership between DoorDash and WoodGreen aims to reduce the gap in financial education and counselling services that exist for many in today’s workforce. It will also build WoodGreen Community Services’ capacity to service the increasing number of participants of the gig economy. 

“Dashers come from a wide range of backgrounds; retirees, working parents and students, and they all have different life goals and priorities.” says Brian Kaufmann, Head of Canada Policy and Government Relations, DoorDash. “That’s why we wanted to ensure Dashers could receive tailored guidance to help support their unique financial situations and needs.”

Financial empowerment workshops will begin in December 2022 and continue into the new year. To learn more about WoodGreen’s financial empowerment programs and services, please visit