By Mariah Ray, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation Policy

DoorDash is committed to empowering local economies and the people who drive them. Working to help our communities leverage their earnings and build generational wealth, we’re proud to announce the launch of the GoalUp Financial Empowerment Program with our trusted partner, the National Urban League. The Urban League’s 91 brick-and-mortar affiliates spanning 36 states and the District of Columbia have historically reached their two million clients through in-person services. COVID-19 and its resulting financial challenges underscored both the underlying need for these services and the need for them to be available online. 

Recognizing the need to expand the reach of these services and provide virtual offerings, DoorDash and the Urban League have collaborated to develop GoalUp as a first-ever digital platform offering NUL’s proven financial literacy education offerings in an accessible, mobile-friendly online format. Today’s launch marks a major programmatic milestone in the multi-year partnership between the two organizations, announced as part of DoorDash’s five-year, $200 million Main Street Strong Pledge

“The dramatic changes in our society and our economy over the last year have underscored the urgent need not only to expand economic opportunity in underserved communities but also to make the necessary tools for that expansion accessible online,” said National Urban League President and CEO Marc H. Morial. “Not only do we need to re-imagine work in a re-emergent America, but we also need to prepare our children and workforce to engage with an increasingly digital world. GoalUp is an ideal response for meeting both of these critical challenges. We’re proud to partner with DoorDash on this innovative and forward-thinking initiative.”

Through, Dashers and Urban League clients are able to attend free multimedia courses that cover topics such as building credit, creating a budget, growing savings, and applying for mortgage financing and education financing. Additional topics will be added in the coming months, incorporating the Urban League’s proven workforce development and entrepreneurship curriculum. Upon successfully completing an online course, users can earn electronic certificates to bolster their resume. 

Members of DoorDash’s Dasher Community Council (DCC) and Voices from Dashers of Color Council (VDC) were invited to preview GoalUp in a six-week pilot program.

“The courses [offered] through the financial empowerment program were valuable to me and my family. The budgeting course in particular really helped me out. After taking the course, I sat down and worked out a budget to spend more wisely! I have a young daughter and I’m excited to share these life skills with her, whether it’s budgeting or saving for retirement,” said Tanya Ludwig, a DCC member and pilot course participant. 

Earlier this year, DoorDash CEO Tony Xu contributed to the NUL’s annual State of Black America report and underscored DoorDash’s commitment to earnings opportunities that empower members of underrepresented communities. Being able to access flexible earnings opportunities quickly is invaluable to be able to weather financial challenges and to save for a more secure financial future. Our four-year partnership with the National Urban League aims to help people from underserved communities attain new job skills and entrepreneurial success, and build generational wealth through financial literacy training, educational funding, job programs and more.