Mar 22, 2022 Community

DoorDash Announces First-Ever Washington State Dasher Advisory Group

Dashers play a critical role across the Evergreen State, connecting customers to the best in their neighborhoods, including essential items, groceries, and meals. As part of our commitment to empower and learn from Dashers, we’ve established localized Dasher Advisory Groups to better understand the experiences of Dashers in the communities they live and work in. Recently, we launched advisory groups in California and New York to learn about and act on the issues Dashers care about most. 

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of DoorDash’s first-ever Washington state Dasher Advisory Group. The 12-member group includes Dashers from diverse backgrounds, including parents, veterans, community leaders, and students. As representatives of the Washington Dasher community, advisory group members will provide direct feedback on initiatives that support and improve the Dasher experience. The representatives hail from Spokane, Snohomish, Kent, Tacoma, Seattle, Longview, Oak Harbor, Joint Base Lewis-McChord and Federal Way, and will represent the various values and perspectives of Dashers across the state.

Members will provide input and insights on the unique and diverse needs of Dashers across Washington state. The group is a unique opportunity for Dashers to interface directly with DoorDash’s public policy team and elevate solutions that protect flexible and safe earning opportunities. The group’s work will serve to build on the success of the national Dasher Community Council’s work, one outcome of which is a key safety initiative, SafeDash, an in-app toolkit powered by ADT.

“Dashers are integral to their communities and the success of the businesses they interact with everyday. DoorDash takes Dasher feedback seriously and is always looking at ways, like the local Dasher Advisory Groups, to build stronger ties and two-way communication with Dashers. The advisory group ensures we tap into their diverse experiences and ideas to collaborate on innovative solutions to issues that arise as app-based work grows and evolves,” said Mariah Ray, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation Policy, DoorDash. “DoorDash looks forward to working alongside Washington advisory group members to build on our efforts to continually improve the platform and Dasher experience.”

For years, Dashers from across Washington have turned to DoorDash for the flexibility to work when, where and for however many hours fits their schedule. Time and again, Dashers tell us flexibility is the primary reason they choose DoorDash. In fact, according to our 2021 national Dasher survey: 

  • 77% of Washington Dashers reported the main reason they dash is to create their own schedule;
  • 79% of Washington Dashers reported they dash because they are able to work as much or as little they want; and
  • 89% of Washington Dashers prefer to maintain their classification as independent contractors. 

“I love the flexibility to set my own schedule. As my own boss, I have the option to do what I want, when I want, where I want. And I appreciate the opportunity to make that extra income, so I have a rainy day fund that will help me pay for school. I like having control over my future — I see a bright future ahead for me,” said Bryan Rodriguez, a Dasher in Tacoma, Washington, and member of the Dasher Advisory Group.

DoorDash is committed to building and maintaining strong lines of communication with Dashers to ensure policies and initiatives meet the needs of drivers in every community across Washington state and the nation. This new advisory group is one key piece of our ongoing effort to engage Dashers in meaningful ways that translate to more opportunities for them and build on the culture of solutions-driven dialogue.