Oct 1, 2022 Community

How DoorDash is supporting local communities affected by Hurricane Ian

Communities, families, and businesses that DoorDash serves have been severely impacted by the devastating effects of Hurricane Ian. Many people are in urgent need of assistance, and we’re taking steps to support the recovery effort in the affected regions. 

Before the hurricane struck, DoorDash activated our Severe Weather Protocol and suspended all operations across large parts of the region to help local customers, Dashers, and merchants stay safe.

Now, our focus is shifting from disaster response to disaster recovery. Our teams are working hard to support the people impacted by the storm, and provide services to help aid in its aftermath. 

Here’s how we’re supporting local communities and more information about the relief available to affected families and businesses. 

Supporting local residents 

To support local communities and residents across affected regions, DoorDash will provide 50,000 local customers with $20 in relief credits to help them get what they need — whether it’s a hot meal, diapers, or materials from the local hardware store. 

The relief credits are available to customers in Orlando, Tampa, Lakeland, Port St. Lucie, Homosassa, Inverness, and Key West.

Supporting local restaurants

Local restaurants can apply for critical relief funding through the DoorDash Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund, which provides $10,000 relief grants to businesses affected by state- or federally-declared natural disasters. 

The grants can be used to cover operating costs like rent or mortgage repayments, food and beverage inventory, utilities, supplies and materials, and supplier costs. Restaurant owners can apply from October 3 until December 30, 2022 at 6 p.m. ET. To learn more and apply, visit https://get.doordash.com/en-us/about/disaster-relief-fund.

Supporting local communities

Through Project DASH, DoorDash is also broadening food access in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane and throughout Florida’s recovery. We’re working with food banks and food pantries to help ensure those experiencing food insecurity get access to food once local roads are safe to travel. Floridians will continue to feel the effects of Hurricane Ian after its immediate impact, and we’re committed to supporting them through ongoing Project DASH efforts. Any organization interested in becoming a Project DASH partner can sign up here to learn more. 

In addition, we’re donating food and other essential items from our DashMart locations near the impacted areas. Our teams are coordinating closely with local nonprofits and relief organizations to distribute the supplies to those in need. 

We’ll continue to provide updates on how we’re supporting local communities as they recover and rebuild. Thank you to the many first responders and volunteers for their tireless efforts during this time of need. We remain committed to supporting businesses, families, and communities we serve — now and in the long term.