Jul 8, 2020 Community

Introducing New Initiatives to Support Black-owned Businesses on DoorDash and Caviar

Today, we’re launching new initiatives to support Black-owned restaurants on the DoorDash and Caviar platforms. These new initiatives come as part of our commitment announced last month to support Black communities and Black-owned businesses.

Today, we’re sharing that:

We will be matching loans for Black-owned businesses through a new partnership with Kiva, a global non-profit whose mission is to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive.

  • Entrepreneurs of color are at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing finance. Big banks approve about 60% of loans sought by white small business owners, 50% of loans sought by Latinx or Hispanic small business owners, and only 29% of loans sought by Black small business owners, according to 2018 data from the Small Business Credit Survey.
  • By partnering with Kiva, DoorDash will help address this systemic inequity by providing capital as a capacity-building resource. We will match loans to U.S-based participating restaurants of DoorDash’s program to support Black-owned businesses who Kiva approves for a loan* by seeding a revolving loan fund starting at $150,000 with potential to grow the investment in the coming months. All Kiva loans are crowdsourced and provided at a 0% interest rate and no fees. Merchant participants of DoorDash’s program to support Black-owned businesses will receive details on how to create a Kiva loan request this month.

In June 2020, DoorDash saw a 275x increase in the frequency of searches for Black-owned businesses compared to the month prior. We are making it easier for customers to support Black-owned businesses in their neighborhoods by launching new in-app features on DoorDash and Caviar to highlight and support independent Black-owned businesses and Black entrepreneurs:

  • Hundreds of Black-owned, independent restaurants across more than 30 states have opted into DoorDash’s program to support Black-owned businesses and are searchable on DoorDash by keyword “Black owned”. Each merchant that is highlighted as a Black-owned business has provided approval to be featured, either through direct contact with our team or by signing up through doordash.com/black-owned. Restaurants interested in opting in or customers interested in recommending their favorite Black-owned restaurants can visit doordash.com/black-owned.
  • Participating restaurants on the DoorDash platform are also identified by a banner on their store page. Customers who click to learn more will be invited to suggest additional merchants that are Black-owned.
  • Customers will see Black-owned carousels on DoorDash in select markets including Washington D.C, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Manhattan, San Francisco’s East Bay, Cleveland, and Richmond and on Caviar in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Queens, and San Francisco’s East Bay to further encourage customers to support Black-owned businesses in their neighborhoods. This prime in-app placement on the DoorDash and Caviar platforms aims to further boost customer discovery and selection.

We are offering $0 delivery fees** from all merchant partners in DoorDash’s program to support Black-owned businesses on DoorDash and Caviar through the end of 2020.

With the goal of creating a platform that reflects the communities we serve and to reduce barriers to entry for Black-owned businesses to partner with DoorDash, beginning today and continuing through the end of this year, independent Black-owned restaurants in the United States and Canada can sign up for free with DoorDash and Caviar and pay zero commissions for 30 days. This is not a deferral of fees, nor will merchants be asked to pay anything back.

Additionally, we will be providing additional support and resources to merchants that are part of DoorDash’s program to support Black-owned businesses, beginning with expedited live support this month.

We consider this commitment to supporting Black communities an ongoing effort that demands action through our product, our voice, and our resources. In addition to donating $500,000 to the national chapter of Black Lives Matter last month, we also created a $500,000 fund to be directed by the [email protected] Employee Resource Group (ERG).

Today, we’re also proud to share we’re donating to 20 organizations that have been selected to receive funds by the [email protected] ERG and its leaders. The organizations represent a range of intersectional issues from youth development, to gender, to economic empowerment, with donations going to organizations like HBCUvc, Black Girls Code, and Black Culinary Alliance Global (BCAGlobal).

We hope you continue supporting Black-owned restaurants and businesses in your communities. We will continue to use our platform, voice, and resources to make progress together.

*Program administration and eligibility will be in DoorDash’s sole discretion. We reserve the right to amend, suspend, or terminate the program or terms at any time, including to comply with legislation or regulation of any kind. To learn more about participating in DoorDash’s program to support Black-owned businesses, including eligibility requirements, and about the Kiva Loan program and eligibility see here.

**Link to terms: https://drd.sh/VzIGgb/