May 9, 2023 Community

San Francisco and Marin County Customers: Support Your Local Food Bank Directly in the DoorDash App

Since 2018, Project DASH has powered more than 3.5 million deliveries of an estimated over 60 million meals across the U.S. and Canada. As part of our ongoing work to broaden food access, we’re working to pilot new ways to support our food bank and food pantry partners. 

Now, in commemoration of our three-year partnership that has powered more than 600,000 deliveries with the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, DoorDash customers can support the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank directly in the DoorDash app for a limited time. Those 600,000+ deliveries of groceries equate to an estimated over 9.6 million meals connected to people experiencing food insecurity. Your support means more meals can be provided to more people.

Once you’re logged in with a San Francisco or Marin address, you’ll be able to choose a donation of $1, $5, or $10, and check out like you would with any other order. Your donation goes directly to the food bank so they can buy food, power home deliveries, and support other needs. 

Customers who contribute $10 will receive a special $5 promo code via email to use on a future DoorDash order. 

“Our partnership with Project DASH has helped break down barriers to food access for many San Francisco and Marin residents. We are grateful for the ongoing support of DoorDash and its customers.  Every $1 donated provides enough food for two meals and makes a critical difference in our ability to serve our community,” said Katy Mann McKnight, Director of Community Engagement, San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. 

No transformative change happens alone. We are proud to be part of a community of supporters and stakeholders of this important work by the food bank. Everyone has a role to play: from the tireless hours spent by their staff and volunteers sourcing and packing food, to generous supporters who help cover operational and food costs, to government agencies who advocate for and connect the food bank to critical resources. By providing a way to support this work via our app, we hope we can make it that much easier for DoorDash customers to help fight hunger locally.