At DoorDash, our mission to empower local economies undergirds all of the work we do. Today, we are excited to announce an expanded partnership with Walgreens to provide free, same-day prescription delivery of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and antiretroviral medications for the prevention and treatment of HIV to eligible patients.

This new initiative builds on both companies’ work responding to last year’s White House call to action which helped increase access to critical COVID-19 treatments in medically underserved and underrepresented areas. Through this initiative, DoorDash and Walgreens are making these HIV medications available for free, same-day prescription delivery in support of the White House’s updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS), which is driving a more coordinated, re-energized national response to HIV.

“Local delivery has broadened access for communities across the United States. DoorDash is proud to partner with Walgreens to power the free, same-day delivery of medication to prevent or treat HIV,” said Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean, Vice President of Communications & Policy, DoorDash. “Transportation barriers and other challenges can prevent people from accessing the medicine they need. Our partnership with Walgreens helps ensure that people aren’t denied life-saving medication solely because they can’t make it to their local pharmacy.” 

To be eligible for this program, patients must live within 15 miles of a participating Walgreens retail pharmacy and have a valid prescription for antiretroviral medications or PrEP from a healthcare provider. After the pharmacy has filled the prescription and before it gets picked up, individuals can go online to select Same Day Rx Delivery by visiting, the Walgreens app or by calling their store.

“While most of the U.S. population lives within five miles of a Walgreens pharmacy, transportation remains a critical barrier to accessing healthcare,” said Kevin Ban, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Walgreens. “With more than half of Walgreens stores located in socially vulnerable or underserved communities, we can help make HIV prevention and treatment options more accessible, convenient and equitable across our communities.”

The partnership between DoorDash and Walgreens further underscores how we’re leveraging logistics to help broaden access to healthcare, especially in underserved communities. DoorDash is proud to power the delivery of HIV medications so we can help reduce barriers to care and improve health outcomes in the communities we serve.