Feb 16, 2023 Company

Changes to the DoorDash Leadership Team

One of the things I’m most proud of at DoorDash is that we have built a robust set of systems for executing with excellence and a strong team of operators at every level and in every part of the organization to match that setup. This allows us to continue increasing our delivery against customer expectations while developing bar-raisers from within, creating new opportunities for larger impact while scaling our unique culture.

That is why I am excited to announce that we are naming Prabir Adarkar as President and COO and promoting Ravi Inukonda to CFO, effective March 1, 2023. After more than three decades of building and running new businesses, including more than seven years here at DoorDash, Christopher Payne is retiring from operating roles and day-to-day management.

Everyone on our leadership team has a succession plan, and we are always growing our deep bench of talent to ensure we have the right people to step up when ready. So while I knew that we wouldn’t have Christopher forever, I also knew that we had a plan for when the time came.

Prabir and Ravi both joined DoorDash during a pivotal time and over the years, helped us secure market leadership, grow sales 7x while improving our unit economics, and launch multiple businesses globally. They’ve both been forged in the systems and processes we’ve designed at DoorDash while serving as culture carriers to improve upon what they’ve experienced. Since they joined, they have consistently taken on increasing responsibilities, are well-prepared for their new roles, and are ready for their next tour of leadership. Christopher will remain deeply involved with the business and support Prabir’s team through the transition, remaining with DoorDash as an advisor through the end of May.

While on paper Prabir serves as our CFO, the reality is that every single day over the past four-plus years, he has made every single part of DoorDash better, leading as an owner, operator, teammate and friend. He is of course a gifted CFO. What sets him apart, though, is that he is also a hands-on expert on everything from product strategy to international operations to recruiting and culture. Prabir makes all of us better, asking questions with deep curiosity, rooting for our collective success while also challenging the “how” of what we’re working on and whether it truly solves a customer problem. It’s why the Board and I know that he is the absolute right person to serve as DoorDash’s next President and COO.

As Prabir moves into his new role, the choice for our next CFO is just as self-evident and something we have been ready for, as we expected there would come a day when Prabir would step into an expanded operational role. Ravi Inukonda, our Vice President of Finance and Strategy, has led DoorDash’s planning and day-to-day financial execution for almost five years. He has an intuitive grasp of our business’ unique interconnectedness and an intricate understanding of the second- and third-order effects of our decisions that benefits all of our stakeholders. Ravi’s impact has continued to expand over his time at DoorDash, and his capabilities as a leader have pushed us to excel. He’ll be a world-class CFO.

Customer obsession and leading with optimism are values that have crystallized for me thanks to the incredible seven-year partnership I’ve had with our President and COO, Christopher Payne. CP is a do-er, an exceedingly rare quality for any executive, let alone one with CP’s experience. He melds a phenomenal bias for action with a relentless customer obsession, because he knows that solving customer problems – especially the edge cases – are what can be truly transformative. He has been pivotal to shaping our culture, co-creating our systems and processes, and mentoring and coaching our future leaders. CP has left an indelible mark on DoorDash and taught me what it means to operate with excellence.

I could not be more appreciative of everything that we’ve built together to this point or more excited about the next chapter for DoorDash. Please join me in thanking Christopher and congratulating Prabir and Ravi.

Onward and upward,