Nov 11, 2014 Company

The New DoorDash Logo

A little while ago, we quietly rolled out a new logo across our DoorDash platforms. You’ll be able to see this mark outgrow our previous one on our various apps, website, and Dasher t-shirts as we release new things (stay tuned!). Our services and goal of reimagined logistics remain the same, but the new identity signifies a progression in our company’s maturity. As DoorDash grows in size and stature, we’re very aware that great design will be key to how we interact with the varied demographic we serve.

With this in mind, designing a logo that speaks to DoorDash’s multifaceted group of consumers, restaurants, and drivers was not an easy task. Since a logo functions ideally to imply a company’s professionalism, expertise, and personality, we pored over many pages of illustrative iterations before settling on the one you see now.

Inspiration for the logo came from an unlikely source, but one that truly reflects our core values: the Japanese bullet train, or Shinkansen (???). We definitely share a common sensibility with high speed rail; something super fast, utilitarian, communal, and futuristic-that’s DoorDash. Accordingly, our logotype connotes speed and precision with a simple and clean stamp that works at scale. Horizontal lines are not only a visual cue for motion, but also define the two D’s in our name.

We’re stepping into new markets every day, and our design language will be crucial in helping our partners understand who we are and what we stand for. To our restaurants and merchants, the logo represents an iconic brand partnership that will help propel their businesses forward. To our team of Dashers, the mark is a badge they can wear with pride as they represent us daily on the streets. And to customers, the logo represents a friendly and efficient local service they can count on.

But the logo is only the beginning of that vision, so stay tuned as we transform our product experience to match our growth. We have big things coming in the DoorDash pipeline, and we’re excited to be able to share them with you here. As always, if you’re excited about working with us, drop us a line to apply. Dash on, folks!

Brandon Ly