Mar 13, 2023 Company

Today’s Prop 22 Decision: A Win for California Voters, Dashers, Merchants, and Consumers

Today’s Prop 22 Decision: A Win for California Voters, Dashers, Merchants, and Consumers

Today, a California appeals court sided with the tens of thousands of Dashers and millions of California voters who made their voices heard when Prop 22 passed overwhelmingly in 2020. This ruling means that the core of Prop 22 remains the law of the land in California, and Dashers can continue to set their own hours, earn flexibly, and rely on the benefits and protections the law affords them. The court’s decision is a huge victory for Dashers who use our platform to earn when, where, and how it works for them and in a way that fits their lifestyle. Last year, 87% of drivers on rideshare and delivery platforms surveyed in California supported Prop 22 and believed the courts should protect the law.

“Dashing gives me the freedom to choose my hours and where I work. Thanks to the benefits of Prop 22, like an earnings guarantee and medical stipend, I now have both peace of mind and the freedom to to work independently.”

Arman M., California Dasher

Thanks to the historic benefits and protections afforded through Prop 22, Dashers have access to healthcare stipends, occupational accident insurance, and a minimum earnings standard. In fact, last year, we shared that Dashers have earned more than ever since Prop 22 was enacted–all while continuing to choose when, where, and how they want to work. We’ve been fierce advocates for policy solutions that establish benefit frameworks for Dashers that are portable, proportional, and flexible and Prop 22 is a meaningful example of this approach.

What should Dashers expect?

Dashers in California should expect access to the same flexibility, benefits, protections, and earnings guarantees they’ve grown used to.

What should merchants expect?

Today’s decision means DoorDash will continue to be a reliable partner to thousands of merchants throughout the state. We will continue focusing on our mission of empowering local businesses and helping merchants of all sizes thrive.

What should consumers expect?

DoorDash users can expect uninterrupted access to the platform as we continue connecting consumers with their favorite merchants.

What’s next?

We know this law has made a positive difference for Californians, and we want to continue sharing those stories. Whether you’re a Dasher, a merchant, or a consumer, we’d love to hear from you how Prop 22 has benefited you, your business, or your family. Share your story here.