Feb 8, 2021 Company

Welcoming Chowbotics to the DoorDash Team

By Penn Daniel, General Manager

Chowbotics, the creator of the Fresh Food Robot, has become part of the DoorDash team. Chowbotics makes healthy, custom meals accessible 24/7 with its flagship robot. This innovative and leading technology creates customizable salads, grain and poke bowls, parfaits, cereals and snacks all within a 3’X3′ space. There is tremendous complexity in accurately dispensing a wide variety of natural ingredients that exhibit an ever-changing range of physical properties (e.g., weight, size, shape, and consistency), and Chowbotics tackles this through sophisticated robotics.

While salad bars, vending machines, and even automats may sound familiar, Chowbotics has successfully built and commercialized a product that provides made-to-order fresh meals at the touch of a button. And it’s not just theoretical. Chowbotics has deployed its product to hundreds of locations, including universities, hospitals, and grocery stores. This has allowed students, front-line workers, and everyday shoppers access to healthy and hygienic meals with fresh ingredients. The level of autonomy, accessibility, and customization that Chowbotics provides to consumers is proven and unmatched.

What excites us most about Chowbotics is the team has developed a remarkable tool that will allow DoorDash merchants to grow. As part of the DoorDash platform, this tool can help merchants expand their current menu offerings as well as reach new customers in new markets without investing in an entirely new store. At DoorDash, we strive to become a merchant’s first call when they want to grow their business. The addition of Chowbotics’s capabilities allows us to enhance our broad array of merchant services – which include customer acquisition, on-demand delivery, insights and analytics, and white-label order fulfillment – and in a more cost-effective way.

We’re working on solutions to help merchants grow in an ever-challenging and changing landscape, and with Chowbotics we hope to enhance that level of support and empowerment we can provide to restaurants big and small.

The added expertise of the Chowbotics team allows us to continue to create new ways to bring customers everything in their local neighborhoods. We believe the versatility of the DoorDash platform enables seamless integration and scaling of the Chowbotics offering.

Welcome to the team, Chowbotics!