By Tony Xu, CEO and Co-founder

Over the past few years, fellow Y-Combinator company, Rickshaw, has been building a white-label, same-day local delivery platform aimed at helping businesses provide efficient, high-touch deliveries to their customers. We’ve closely tracked their progress over time and realized in recent months that both Rickshaw and DoorDash shared a vision to revolutionize the way last-mile delivery is done.

Having been so impressed by their team, today we’re announcing that the founding team at Rickshaw will be joining DoorDash as part of an acquihire.

As part of the deal, Rickshaw’s three key team members will be joining our engineering and product teams, to work on DoorDash Drive and our merchant product suite. They bring a wealth of experience in scaling delivery operations and strong technical knowledge with previous experience at companies including Dropbox, Trulia, Ooyala, and more.

While the Rickshaw operations will be winding down, we know their entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to excellence, and last-mile delivery vision will live on here at DoorDash. We’re excited to have them onboard and can’t wait to show off their contributions in the months to come.