Sep 27, 2021 Company

Women Without Borders: How DoorDash is Celebrating the Women Breaking Barriers Across our Business

By Lisa Lee, VP of Global Culture & Belonging

Just a few weeks ago, DoorDash wrapped its 3rd Annual Women’s Leadership Week (WLW). This flagship program is organized and hosted by our Global Employee Connections Team, partnering with our [email protected] Employee Resource Group. The goal of Women’s Leadership Week is simple: Create an environment that celebrates the outstanding accomplishments of women of all backgrounds at DoorDash. 

One of our company priorities is ensuring that diverse identities and perspectives are valued and can thrive. WLW is just one example of how DoorDash is committed to advancing women. From our [email protected] ERG and Elevate program for employees to our Made By Women program for women-owned Merchants and the earnings opportunities we create for women Dashers, we are committed to increasing visibility for women across every part of the DoorDash community. And as we look ahead, we continue to invest in growing women – and non-binary employees – into future leaders at DoorDash. 

It’s no secret that the last year challenged us all to bend, adapt, and reimagine our work beyond traditional confinements. Therefore it was time for us to centralize our programming under the theme Women Without Borders. Throughout the week, we explored what borders – both literal and figurative – women of DoorDash have broken through as we continued to support the hyper-growth and global expansion of our company. Each day we took a closer look at a new border that our business and our people have crossed this year––from career borders to geographic boundaries, industry limits, and workplace ceilings. 

We kicked off the week with our “Careers Without Borders” panel, which featured women at DoorDash who’ve truly owned their career growth. These panelists have worn many hats throughout their DoorDash tenure and used their experience to inspire others to advocate for themselves and onboard allies to stand beside them. We closed the first day with a mind-blowing fireside chat between Chief Growth Officer of Wheels Up, Stephanie Chung, and our CEO Tony Xu. Chung was selected as a pioneer in her industry in a proper operator role, providing great insight to employees about navigating their careers. 

“Be vocal in a way where people know how to help you… Don’t be so structured in how your career and life should go. Life will throw different angles at you.” 

  • Stephanie Chung (she/her), Chief Growth Officer, Wheels Up

Our second day, “Industries Without Borders,” was focused on women who have broken borders by paving their way into new industries. A highlight of the day was a conversation between our new Chief Restaurant Advisor, Chef Stephanie Izard, and DoorDash President Christopher Payne. In her discussion, Izard spoke about the importance of taking the initiative and embracing speed, a value in DoorDash culture. 

“People often ask, did I get the opportunity because I’m a girl? And I say ‘no, it’s because I work harder than you.'”

  • Stephanie Izard (she/her), Owner, Girl & The Goat and Chief Restaurant Advisor, DoorDash 

As DoorDash continues expanding into new locations worldwide, our third day focused on “Breaking Geographic Borders.” It highlighted women who have led the charge in establishing our brand in new territories and fostering a culture of inclusion on their teams. When thinking about geographic borders, our goal was to ensure that all programs during the week were inclusive of different time zones so employees could attend events no matter where they are located across the globe. 

“We’re challengers. We’re not complacent, and we’re willing to try new things. Let’s have a challenger mindset because that’s what spurs innovation.” 

  • Rebecca Burrows (she/her), General Manager, Australia, DoorDash

The week ended with a focus on “Workplaces Without Borders,” of which the focus was to highlight how women at DoorDash are finding creative ways to lead and motivate remote or hybrid teams. The day kicked off with an engaging presentation by Erin Meyer, co-author of No Rules Rules: NETFLIX and the Culture of Reinvention, which focused on being a high performer in the workplace and navigating the world of feedback. This timely conversation carried extra weight, as our entire company went through performance reviews during the same week.

Performance is contagious…an individual performance problem is not an individual problem. It’s a systemic problem that impacts the entire team, or even the entire organization.”

  • Erin Meyer (she/her) – Author, “No Rules Rules: NETFLIX and the Culture of Reinvention.”

Our final panel featured various leaders across the company who talked about navigating the virtual workplace and the challenges of building relationships and creating a psychologically safe environment when team members work remotely. The conversation closed with our panelists emphasizing the importance of extending grace to ourselves. The more we take care of ourselves, the better we show up to work and for each other. 

“Your brain is a muscle. You can’t work out every single day without recovery.” 

  • Shanna Prevé (she/her), VP, Strategic Partnerships & Business Development, DoorDash

Made up of three core functions, our Global Culture & Belonging Team is committed to creating a culture of belonging where everyone can bring their best selves to work. By ensuring that diverse identities and perspectives are valued and can thrive as well as connecting our employees and prospective employees in creative ways, we are reimagining the future of leadership. We know that being a Woman Without Borders happens daily, and I am proud to say that DoorDash’s commitment is not just a statement, but an ongoing, actionable, exercise.