Jan 16, 2020 Consumer

20 Flavors to Try in 2020

Get ready for a year full of good eats.

It’s a new decade – and the year is off to a sweet (and spicy, crispy, oh-so toasty, meaty) okay, let’s just say – flavorful start. Here, we’ve compiled our top 20 food trends to try in the new year. It’s a feast of global flavors with Latin American cuisines dominating the list, while a breakfast that’s big in Japan finally finds its way Stateside. 2020 will be a flavor journey, all from the comfort of your couch. Here are our top 20 flavor picks to kick off the year.

1. Arepas – Melty cheese wrapped in ground-maize dough — this dish hails from pre-Columbian times but it’s equally delicious in any decade. Try it in the new one!

2. Chicory – This green is having a moment — root to tip: The leafy part is a new take on the sautéed side dish, while chicory root adds a woody, nutty flavor to coffees in the new year.

3. Churros 2.0 – This fried dough classic is showing up in new and delicious ways. Check out “designer” churros — waffle and croissant hybrids — with fancified dipping sauces (cinnamon cream, etc.)

4. Tacos de Suadero – Try a new type of taco with tender boiled brisket and an authentic recipe straight from Mexico City’s food stalls.

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5. Thali – Can’t decide on a flavor? Feast on a variety of Indian dishes perfectly portioned for sampling in one convenient order.

6. Moussaka – Try the ultimate Greek comfort food — thick layers of beef, veggies, and potato simmered in tomato and béchamel sauces.

7. Onigiri – These Japanese rice balls filled with savory morsels of fish or pickled vegetables are a convenient sushi alternative — and kid-friendly too!

8. Peanut Stew – Try this rich (even-when-vegan) West African stew made with a deliciously creamy peanut butter-based sauce with a kick and seasoned with spices like ginger, cumin, and turmeric.

9. Peri-Peri Chicken – Taste a range of cross-cultural and globally inspired flavors in one spiced up BBQ chicken dish.

10. Plant-based Larb Bowl – Like the classic Thai salad that hits all the flavor spots — spicy, herby, and meaty. But vegetarian with your favorite plant-based protein.

11. Sichuan Mala Sauce – The next “It” spicy condiment adds a tingling sensation (aka “numbing” from Sichuan peppercorns) to Chinese stir fry.

12. Souffle Pancakes – This ultra-fluffy hotcake taking cities everywhere by storm comes straight from Japan. Look out for it drizzled with sweet maple goodness.

13. Shakshuka – Wake up in Morocco (at home!) with an order of sunny-side-up eggs in a savory tomato stew.

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14. Som Tam – A Thai papaya salad that delivers all flavors and textures you crave — at once addictively hot and refreshing, crunchy, sweet, savory, and intensely sour!

15. Sustainable Fish – With more sustainable seafood dishes on the menu in 2020, try a sweet Thai red snapper dish or a flaky white fish like striped bass. Besides, salmon and shrimp are sooo last year.

16. Tlacoyos – These stuffed and griddled blue-corn masa patties from Mexico City are worth a try, especially with DIY toppings beyond guac and crema.

17. Yerba Maté Tea – When this South American energy-boosting beverage turns up in your ice cream this year — embrace it.

18. Ube Desserts – Delicate and sweet, try this vibrant purple yam in Filipino desserts — cakes, doughnuts, and there’s even a yam jam (no joke).

19. Yucca Fries – Crispy-fried or baked, the Venezuelan root vegetable is a tasty stand-in for the potato variety.

20. Lomo Saltado – Start with a Peruvian stir fry — tender steak, aji chilies, tomatoes and onions make for a robust and soupy gravy perfect for tossing crisp French fries into!

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