Aug 23, 2021 Consumer

Back To School On-Demand: Unveiling Our Welcome BackPack Giveaway

With summer vacation officially winding down and another year of school returning nationwide, there’s a lot for parents to do in a short amount of time. To help make the transition back to the classroom, whether virtual or in-person, seamless, today we announced our Back to School campaign, connecting busy parents to all their essential Back To School needs, from school supplies to healthy, on-the go snacks to personal care items. 

Just in time for the school year, we conducted a national survey that found 90% of parents are likely to forget at least one Back To School item, with two-thirds of parents saying back to school shopping is stressful. To help ease parents’ stress of buying all the right things and to welcome students back to the classroom, today we unveiled the “Welcome BackPack” giveaway nationwide of 5,000 free backpacks. These custom backpacks are equipped with everything parents need to start the school year off right including Albertsons exclusive O Organics® snacks like Animal Cookies, Popcorn, Apple Juice, and Fruit Punch, The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer, new KIND Thins bars, face mask, eraser, ruler, pencil case, highlighter, pens, and pencils.

To enter, all you need to do is tell us your most forgotten school supply on Twitter with #DashToSchool + #Entry starting 8/23/21 at 10:00am PT. Be sure to follow @DoorDash on Twitter and look for our announcement post for more detail!

For those that miss the chance to score one for free, starting September 5, the Welcome Back Packs will also be available for purchase in select markets from DashMart for $15.99 in nearly 20 US markets including Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas, Philadelphia, Seattle, Nashville, Tampa, Columbus, Sacramento, and Denver. 

Additional highlights from the nationwide survey include: 

  • I like it, I love it: 70% of parents enjoy at least some parts of back to school shopping; 37% say they love it. 
  • Moms Vs Dads: Moms are twice as likely as dads to say they haven’t started shopping yet – 21% compared to 10%. Dads are twice (33%) as likely as moms (16%) to say back to school shopping is high stress. 
  • Times a ticking: In a normal year, 20% of parents wait until the week before school starts to begin back to school shopping, and 9% wait until the last minute. A majority (57%) handle their shopping between 2 weeks and 1 month out. 
  • I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas: 74% of parents reported that fruits (like apples and bananas) are the most common school friendly snacks that parents buy, savory snacks (71%), hand held snacks like string cheese (65%), sweet snacks (64%), and yogurt (59%) all followed. 
  • Don’t Sweat it! Two-thirds (24%) of parents say BTS shopping is stressful, 24% say back to school shopping is high stress, and 42% say it is medium stress. Schedule planning (21%), and buying all the right school supplies (17%) are the top causes of parents’ stress during the back to school period. 
  • BTW Mom, I have a project due tomorrow! 97% of parents state at least one reason for needing to replace school supplies ASAP. Kids running out of supplies (54%) and big projects due (46%) are the top reasons parents select. 

We hope DoorDash will be the one stop to get everything needed for back to school, delivered on-demand – happy learning!