Aug 19, 2017 Consumer

Dashing to the Moon…and Back!

By Thomas Stephens, Launch Manager

To celebrate the total solar eclipse happening this Monday, we decided to get in on the fun and share the excitement in the form of delicious free cookies.

For those of you living in NYC, the Bay Area, LA, Boston or DC — aka not directly in the 67-mile path of the total eclipse… we got you covered with free Half Moon Cookies on Monday between the hours of 2–4pm local time.

To partake in the fun, simply open the app and look for the The Eclipse Cookie Store (#cookieclipse) on 8/21 and voilå — order and have one delivered to wherever you are!

So, even though nearly every store across the country has sold out of solar eclipse glasses and if you miss it you’ll have to wait will 2024 to see it again… DoorDash has you covered with a solar treat.