Sep 3, 2015 Consumer

DoorDash + Taco Bell: More tacos in even more places

By Prahar Shah, Director of Business Development

Just six weeks ago we announced a partnership to begin #TacoBellDelivery through DoorDash. We knew people would enjoy having Taco Bell on demand, but we never realized just how excited you’d get!

From romantic videos of your first Taco Bell delivery, to ecstatic tweets about this life changing experience, to delicious photos on instagram, it’s clear that bringing Taco Bell to your doorstep was a hit.

Well, get ready for more. Starting today we’re expanding Taco Bell delivery to four more markets across the country, bringing that taco goodness to Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis, and San Diego.

Whether it be Crunchwraps in Chicago or soft tacos in San Diego, you can now order from hundreds of Taco Bell restaurants in 8 major metropolitan markets across the country. To get started now visit, download the DoorDash iOS or Android app, or visit

Over the past month, we’ve loved seeing all the passion and demand for Taco Bell. Since the initial launch we’ve been analyzing data, optimizing delivery and crunching the numbers to help create the very best Taco Bell delivery experience. And over the past few weeks we’ve learned a few things. First of all, it’s clear that you guys LOVE your tacos, with crunchy tacos coming in as the single most popular item ordered from Taco Bell for delivery by far. You’re also not just eating on your own: one third of orders were for more than 6 items, and our biggest delivery order had more than 200 individual items. That’s a lot of tacos. Lastly, we’ve been able to shave precious seconds off delivery times, with the average delivery arriving just 37.5 minutes after the order has been placed.

If you’ve never ordered from DoorDash there’s no better time to start. The fee for your first delivery is just $1, and after that Taco Bell delivery fees start at just $3.99.

So download the app (for iOS or Android), enter your address, and get ready for even more Taco Bell on demand.