By Jessie Baxter, Product Manager

Food is meant to be shared. Whether it’s with family, friends, or colleagues, there’s nothing better than sitting around a table and enjoying a meal together.

For more than two years, DoorDash has offered a group ordering feature on the web. Group ordering allowing anyone to start a group order cart and have people add their selected items directly, making it simpler and easier for people organizing big group delivery orders. Over the years we’ve continued to add functionality to this feature, like allowing organizers to set a price limit on each person’s order (great for office managers ordering lunch for a big meeting).

Today we’re continuing to build out group ordering by releasing our most requested feature: group ordering on the DoorDash app. Starting today, DoorDash on Android and iOS now support creating and adding to group orders directly in the apps.

How it Works

Organizers can create a group order on any store menu or order cart. Simply visit the menu of your favorite restaurant and click the “group” icon in the top right. Organizers can then set a subtotal limit per person and will receive a link that they can share out to cart participants.

Once everyone has submitted their requests and the full order has been placed, both participants and organizers can track the status of the delivery through notifications and the live delivery map. On iOS, group ordering is also integrated directly with iMessage, creating a native experience to view and track a delivery when you share a group order through your chat conversation.

DoorDash is the first and only nationwide app to offer mobile group orders. So whether you’re planning a meeting at work, hosting friends for the football game, or just having dinner with the family, DoorDash’s mobile group orders make deliveries simpler, easier, and faster than ever.