Oct 6, 2016 Consumer

Fresh, Healthy Meals from Whole Foods Market, Now Delivered through DoorDash

By Prahar Shah, Head of Business Development

As DoorDash continues to grow and expand across the country, one of our key goals is to provide you with the very best selection of food, restaurants and cuisines across the platform. While we already offer great dishes from some of the top national brands and local favorites, today we’re adding a new way to order fresh, organic and healthy meals right to your door.

Today we’re announcing a partnership with Whole Foods Market, to deliver their prepared meals, snacks and drinks through DoorDash in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Brooklyn and Austin, Texas. We will offer a wide variety of Whole Foods Market’s ready-made items, including sushi, sandwiches, salads, drinks and more.

We’re excited to pair Whole Foods Market’s unmatched quality and customer service with the speed and convenience of ordering through DoorDash. With this partnership, not only are we able to meet a popular customer demand, but we’re now able to offer an even greater variety of food items on the platform including the highest-quality fresh and healthy meals, organic ingredients, and vegan and vegetarian dishes. And while we’ve offered delivery from some healthy stores before, this partnership marks the first time DoorDash has offered delivery from a national grocery retailer.

Delivery from Whole Foods Market makes ordering for the whole family easier than ever. Unlike ordering from a single restaurant, the variety of options at Whole Foods Market means everyone can order exactly what they’re craving. And while life sometimes gets in the way and prevents you from making it into the store, DoorDash can help you get your favorite healthy, ready-made meals from Whole Foods Market no matter what the day throws your way.

To celebrate the partnership, you can enjoy free delivery on meals and snacks from Whole Foods Market all week long. Try it out on the web or mobile app and enjoy the fact that you can now get Whole Foods Market delivered faster than you can say “sustainable spicy tuna avocado roll.”