Celebrating Thanksgiving your way is the American way

To spotlight the diverse ways Thanksgiving is celebrated across America, we partnered with Eddie Huang – chef, restaurateur, television show host, and author of Fresh Off The Boat – to host “The All-American Thanksgiving” for 15 strangers in Augusta, Georgia. Eddie and his parents shared not only their Taiwanese-Chinese-American Thanksgiving meal but also stories of their experiences as immigrants who developed their own traditions in a new country. While enjoying Eddie’s unbelievable cooking, guests shared their traditions too, and it was clear that almost no one 100% follows the ‘classic’ menu (although most agreed that turkey was mandatory).

Check out the below video to see Eddie and his family cooking and sharing stories with the guests, and scroll down for Eddie’s recipes for some of the dishes featured in the video.


Eddie Huang’s Recipes

Want to make some of Eddie’s dishes for your own Thanksgiving dinner this year? Eddie shared recipes for 4 of his favorite dishes below: General Huang’s Spatchcock Turkey, Kau Fu, XO String Beans, and Bao Bread Pudding.

Let us know how you celebrate Thanksgiving!

For nearly 400 years, the Thanksgiving table has remained nearly the same, while the diversity of our population has grown over 4000%. “Traditional” Thanksgiving conjures imagery of a roast turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, when in fact, tradition is different for every family, primarily influenced by the diversity of backgrounds that make up America.

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