Oct 3, 2016 Consumer

Jack at Your Doorstep with DoorDash

By Prahar Shah, Head of Business Development

Sometimes the best part of the day is late at night. Whether it’s watching a movie, gaming with friends, finishing a school project, or just hanging out with roommates, we know that when the moon comes out you’re probably staying in. That’s why we’re excited that our newest restaurant partner is perfect for both a late night snack and a mid-day meal.

Starting today we’re offering delivery from Jack in the Box in the San Francisco Bay Area, bringing this west coast legend’s famous meals right to your door. Plus, we’re extending our Bay Area hours until 3am, so that you can get those curly fries, tacos, burgers and more almost any time of the day or night.

To kick off this partnership, Jack in the Box is launching a new TV ad that will feature late night delivery through DoorDash. While we can’t promise delivery via dragon, we’ve been working hard to make sure your fries, burgers, and more will arrive fresh, hot, and fast.

We believe late night should be reserved for doing the things you enjoy most. And whatever you’re up to, you shouldn’t be sweating the small stuff. So listen to your tastebuds, download the app, and let DoorDash take care of the delivery, whether it’s to your couch, bed, table, or wherever 3AM finds you. Night owls rejoice: your Jack in the Box late night foodie call is here.