May 17, 2017 Consumer

New features to better find, track, and rate your deliveries

By Jimmy Liu, Product Manager

Today we’re announcing a host of new features on the DoorDash Android and iOS apps to make browsing, choosing and ordering your favorite food easier than ever.

New Recommendation Engine: Suggested Items

At DoorDash we are fanatics for data. Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work building out a recommendations algorithm that uses machine learning to make suggestions more personalized and more relevant. As a first step, today we’re launching an improved “suggested items” feature. Now you can use the power of the crowd to see what items to order. Based on our tests, we expect to see the average DoorDash customer try 2–3 new items per month.

Most Popular Items

Part of making ordering as easy as possible is answering the question, “what should I order from this restaurant?” To make decision-making easier and to encourage menu exploration, we now highlight a restaurant’s most popular items so you’ll know what’s hot on the menu and feel confident in what you’re ordering. You’ll start seeing the “Popular Items” section at the top of menus across the DoorDash iOS app and on the web, with Android coming soon.

New ratings options

There’s a lot that goes into a great delivery: from the Dasher’s professionalism, to the taste of the food, to how early it arrives. To make our ratings more granular we’re now separating ratings into two: one for the Dasher and one for the food. This feedback will help us improve both Dasher quality as well as the types of restaurants we have on the platform.

New restaurant ratings

With the new ratings systems we’re revamping our restaurant ratings to make it even easier to know you’re ordering from a crowd favorite. According to our early tests, we’ve found that along with photos and logos, ratings is another key signal helps customers with their decision making. Keep an eye out for star ratings associated with restaurants coming soon.

Where’s my Dasher?

We’ve long offered detailed status updates on your order: from when it’s been accepted, to when a Dasher has arrived at the restaurant, to when the food is on its way. But we wanted to go even further with order tracking and today we’re introducing a new map to help you better see the status of your delivery. Now, when your Dasher is on the way to your delivery location, a map will appear on the order status tab with a real-time pin of the Dasher’s location. No need to text and ask where your Dasher is at: now you’ll always know. This feature will be rolling out across Android and iOS apps this week.

Update to the latest version of the iOS and Android apps to start seeing these new features, and stay tuned to the DoorDash blog for more news about product improvements, enhancements and redesigns in the months to come.