Apr 15, 2016 Consumer

The Cheesecake Factory® Delivery Is Getting Even Better

The Cheesecake Factory has become “America’s Favorite Restaurant”, serving generous portions from its extensive menu including its legendary cheesecakes. And starting today DoorDash will be working closely with The Cheesecake Factory team to test a new and improved delivery experience from a handful of their restaurants in Southern California.

While we’ve been offering delivery from The Cheesecake Factory locations across the country for the past several months, we recently began working in close collaboration with The Cheesecake Factory team to select a number of restaurants in Southern California to test a more advanced delivery process. This is the first time we’ve dug in deep with The Cheesecake Factory to optimize the entire on-demand delivery process from start to finish. That means a more delightful experience for customers and Dashers alike and a more efficient in-store process for restaurants. If you’ve ordered from us in the past, you shouldn’t notice a change except for even faster, better delivery of The Cheesecake Factory’s signature dishes from DoorDash.

As we test these new operations, we hope to expand this partnership in the months ahead to as many of The Cheesecake Factory restaurants around the United States as possible.

To celebrate our partnership with The Cheesecake Factory, we’re offering free delivery through Thursday 4/21 at the five pilot restaurants in Los Angeles and San Diego. Keep an eye on your inbox for more information, or visit www.doordash.com, type in your address and search for The Cheesecake Factory to see if the free delivery promo applies.

For more than 35 years, The Cheesecake Factory has been a dining industry leader while maintaining an intense focus on providing their guests with the very best in-restaurant experience possible. While we’ve been around for slightly less time, we share the same commitment to the customer as they do and we’re excited to partner with this exceptional brand to extend that same experience to on-demand delivery. We’re proud to be working closely with The Cheesecake Factory team to make deliveries from their restaurants, faster, simpler and more delightful every single day.