Earlier this year, we re-introduced DoorDash as the brand that delivers all the best of your neighborhood —from restaurants to convenience, pets and more—while reinforcing our mission to grow and empower local economies through supporting small businesses, establishing integral partnerships and beyond. As many regained routines amidst a new normal, the importance and the resilience of our neighborhoods became even more evident. 

Today, we’re sharing DoorDash’s third annual Deep Dish Report, which checks in on popular food (and more!) trends across the globe, how users are making the special moments count, what new trends have emerged over the past year, and local heroes that serve up the best of our top ordered items. Using DashPass and DoorDash order data from January 1, 2021 to October 1, 2021, we bring you DoorDash’s Deep Dish Report.


  • #ABug’sLife: In June, crickets were one of the top searched items in the Pets category on the DoorDash platform.
  • #NavySheets: Having Navy blue sheets has remained a popular dating faux pas for the past year, with the hashtag #navysheets having over 900k views on TikTok. Over the past year, navy comforters remain the most ordered household item on the DoorDash platform. Coincidence? We think not! 
  • #FrenchFryFrenzy: Coming in at #1 on the top ordered food list, we saw an increase in a variety of different fries, including cilantro lime fries (341% increase), waffle fries (178% increase), garlic fries (127% increase), and of course classic fries (130% increase).
  • #ItsPersonal: We saw consumers take food-creativity into their own hands, leading to an increase in build your own salads (465%), ice cream (197%) and create your own pizzas (165%).
  • #PicnicParty: As summer kicked into full swing, we saw an increase in items perfect for cookouts and picnics including Kabobs (541% increase), Burgers (218% increase), and potato chips (212% increase)

In 2021, getting your bare necessities whenever and wherever you need them became even easier. Regardless if it’s stocking up on essentials for the week, pampering your pets or simply treating yourself, 2021 was the year of accessing the best of the neighborhood.

Grocery Shop Til You Drop: The pandemic reshaped how consumers shop, eat, and work. Now, as people work from home more than ever, we’ve seen a rise in online grocery shopping, which provides a convenient way to get groceries whether stocking up for the week or getting that one ingredient you always seem to forget. 

  • Saturday Stock Up: Saturday was the most popular day to get groceries, with most orders coming in around dinner time. 
  • Berries & Cream:  Produce & pantry Staples topped the list, with people stocking up on items like strawberries, sour cream, bread, bananas, avocado, roma tomatoes, milk and eggs.
  • The United States of Guacamole: Bananas may be the top ordered item, but the runners up for the top produce item across the country are the fixings for fresh guacamole, as long as you like yours with tomatoes mixed in. Nine states ordered a high amount of avocados and a staggering 25 states preferred to order roma tomatoes through delivery. 
    • Avocado States:
      • Alaska
      • Colorado
      • Idaho
      • Maine
      • Massachusetts
      • Montana
      • New Hampshire
      • North Dakota
      • Rhode Island

That’s Convenient: This year customers discovered new snacking and convenience moments and experiences and we all know every moment pairs well with a good snack. Whether late night-cravings or burning the midnight oil, what’s the scoop on late night snacking? Ice Cream reigns supreme, with the most popular items for late-night snackers including chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, mint ice cream, vanilla ice cream, sweet tea, and buttercream cookies. 

Top Convenience Items: 

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream
  2. Lemon-Lime Soda
  3. Mac and Cheese Bites
  4. Peanut Butter Cups
  5. Energy Drink
  6. Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips
  7. Sour Gummy Worms
  8. Beef Jerky
  9. Frosted Mini Donuts
  10. Pickle Bites

Cheers!: As we expanded our marketplace offering with alcohol delivery, customers were able to get their drink of choice on-demand just in time for any occasion: 

The Wine Down: Top wines included Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, and Prosecco  

The Turn Up: Top spirits included Casamigos tequila, Tito’s Vodka, and Hennessy Cognac 

Bark and Bougie: DoorDash customers treat their furry friends to a life of luxury, with top selling pet items including lavender grooming wipes, peanut treats, and toys like tennis ball squeakers and teasers. 

Home is where the Heart is: 2021 saw many people moving to new locations. As people settled into new locations and embarked on making their house a home, smart homes, accent tables and oil diffusers were among the top home items ordered. As many people continued remote work, we also saw office essentials top the list like office chairs and coffee mugs. 

  1. Navy Comforter
  2. Smart Home 
  3. Garment Rack
  4. Iron
  5. Accent Table
  6. Non-stick Baking Pan
  7. Rolling Office Chair
  8. Coffee Mug
  9. Pillow Mist
  10. Oil diffuser

Gifted Items:

As we moved from 2020 into 2021, appreciating our loved ones became more integral than ever. From friendships old and new being strengthened, love blossoming, and celebrating with family, this year we saw people connecting and letting their loved ones know they cared.

  • BFF4L: August 1, National Friendship Day, saw the highest Gifting orders this year, followed by Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. 
  • With our Gifting feature, customers can send a personalized note to let their loved ones know they’re thinking of them. In 2021, people used Gifting to celebrate big milestones from:
    • Birthdays: “Since you are turning “50” we figured we would send you 50 yummy treats, just make sure you share with the girls!”
    • Anniversaries: “Happy 1 Year Anniversary Baby Bear🐻I know we aren’t together celebrating it but I hope this small gift will make u Happy❤️”
    • And even kindergarten graduations: “Congratulations!!!!!   You’re now officially a FIRST GRADER!!!!    I Love You…. Enjoy the Candy and share!”  
    • To coming in clutch in the small moments: “For late night munchies and hangovers tomorrow!”
    • And to treat yourself, too: “From me to me 🥰”

New Year, New Foods: Last year was all about comfort (and we see some things never change) but as we entered a new year, people began to branch out, trying out a variety of different cuisines and recipes, from Avocado Eggrolls to Spicy Fusilli Pasta, and Brown Sugar Tater Tots. 

Top 20 Ordered Items in 2021 

  1. French Fries
  2. Chicken Nuggets
  3. Gyro Bowl 
  4. Create Your Own Pizza  
  5. Cheesesteak 
  6. Acai Bowl 
  7. Avocado Eggroll
  8. Mac & Cheese
  9. Red Velvet Cheesecake 
  10. Carne Asada Tacos 
  11. Calzone
  12. Build Your Own Salad
  13. Spicy Fusilli Pasta
  14. Tomato Soup
  15. Brisket 
  16. New England Clam Chowder
  17. Churro 
  18. Brown Sugar Tater Tots
  19. Soup Dumplings
  20. Poke Bowl

Lunching Locally: Launched earlier this year, with DoorDash reviews consumers now order, discover new favorites, and decide where to eat with confidence — all on DoorDash. From crispy hot fries to marvelous mac & cheese, these merchants are some of the best of their craft according to DoorDash customer reviews. (in alphabetical order)

  • Araya’s Place
  • Bleecker Street Pizza
  • Bunna Cafe
  • Chicago’s Home of Chicken and Waffles 
  • Chavela’s
  • Fat Sal’s
  • Forbici Modern Italian 
  • Happy Bento
  • House of Mac
  • Krazy Hogg BBQ 
  • Louis’ Family Restaurant
  • Milo and Olive
  • Muffin Can Stop Us
  • Night Owl Cookies 
  • Peppa’s Jerk Chicken
  • Russ and Daughters
  • Souvla
  • Salt & Straw
  • Top Tenders 
  • Ubatuba Acai

Every Flavor Welcome: In 2021, customers indulged in the diverse cuisines that uniquely make up our communities. From poutine in Canada, tonjiru in Japan, and bubble tea in Australia, here’s how DoorDash customers across the globe ate: 


  1. Pad Thai 
  2. Poutine
  3. Tabouleh
  4. Baklava
  5. Raviolis au Poulet
  6. Popcorn Chicken
  7. French Fries
  8. Pastries
  9. Aloo Paratha
  10. Vegetarian Patties
  11. Mango Slush
  12. Chicken Lettuce Wraps
  13. Poke Bowl
  14. Hot Wings
  15. Onion Rings
  16. Black Tea Macchiato
  17. Fried Rice
  18. Tuna Salad
  19. Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  20. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 


  1. Nachos
  2. Bubble Tea
  3. Teriyaki Chicken Roll
  4. Chicken Biryani
  5. Hash Browns
  6. Spicy Tuna
  7. Garlic Bread 
  8. Seafood Inari
  9. Truffle Salted Chips
  10. Hot Fudge Sundae
  11. Roti
  12. Guacamole
  13. Pork Dumplings
  14. Chicken & Prawn Wonton
  15. Cheeseburger
  16. Waffle Fries
  17. Bibimbap
  18. Apple Pie
  19. Buffalo Chicken Ribs
  20. Taquitos 


  1. Japanese Style Hamburger 
  2. Teppan Hamburger 
  3. French Fries
  4. Chicken Tatsutaage 
  5. Nakatsu Karaage 
  6. Roast Beef Salad
  7. Grilled Beef Tongue 
  8. Spaghetti Meat Sauce
  9. Beef Curry
  10. Roast Beef Bowl
  11. Assortment of Skewered Meat
  12. Curry with Pork Cutlet
  13. Margherita Pizza
  14. Hot Dog & Potato
  15. Strawberry Flavored Vitamin & Charge Protein Drink
  16. Tonjiru
  17. Edomae
  18. Vanilla Flavor Fullness & Sweet Protein Drink
  19. Takana Pilaf
  20. Western-style Chanpon