By Prahar Shah, Head of Business Development

In 1941 Carl N. Karcher opened his first restaurant in Southern California. Seventy-five years later the restaurant chain that bears his name is innovating again, offering door to door delivery in the very same market where it all began.

Today, DoorDash and Carl’s Jr.® are announcing a partnership to provide delivery from Carl’s Jr. restaurants. We’re starting off with delivery from restaurants in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, with plans to take the partnership nationwide and offer delivery from more Carl’s Jr. locations, as well as its sister chain Hardee’s®, later this year.

The very first restaurant that Carl Karcher opened was a drive-in, so it’s no wonder that convenience and speed are key values for the entire team at Carl’s Jr. Fortunately, it just so happens that those are our strongest suits as well.

As Carl’s Jr.’s first official delivery partner, we’re proud to add their famous burgers, shakes and fries to our growing menu of local favorites. And to celebrate the partnership, through April 26 the delivery fee from Carl’s Jr. restaurants will be free. So now you can try out any of their classic menu items; whether it be their 100 percent Black Angus Thickburgers®, their Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shakes™, their CrissCut® Fries, or their latest innovation: the Midnight Moonshine Burger.

With the addition of Carl’s Jr. to DoorDash’s growing list of partners, we know that you can find whatever you’re craving with just a tap. From breakfast sandwiches to late night snacks and everything in between, DoorDash continues to be your one stop shop for all your favorites, delivered right to your door.