Jun 17, 2022 Culture

A passion for people: How Amber Van Mansfeld’s journey brought her to DoorDash

At DoorDash, we are intentional in our approach to engaging people of all backgrounds while fostering an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion. On Juneteenth, we reflect on this historic day rooted in a past that denied enslaved people their human rights, while we honor the contributions, legacy, and culture of Black Americans. As part of our ongoing work to empower and amplify the voices of our employees, today we’re launching a series featuring our [email protected] Employee Resource Group leadership and employees to tell their stories inside and outside of their work at DoorDash. Below is the story of Amber Van Mansfeld, City Specialist at DoorDash and a Co-Chair of our [email protected] ERG. 

From a young age, Amber Van Mansfeld had a special appreciation and understanding of different cultures and perspectives. She gained varied life experiences living in California, Tennessee, and spending her most transformative years in Georgia. 

Those experiences were significant in shaping her into the person she is today, inside and outside of her role as a City Specialist at DoorDash. 

“As a kid, I learned about having tolerance. I was taught that you only have control over your world and your immediate person,” Amber said. “Growing up, I faced a lot of colorism — I was too light to be black and too dark to be white. So it really toughened my skin to embrace who I am and be ok with that. As I learned how to be happy with myself, I was able to truly care for other people and have compassion in everything that I do.”

Amber used those life lessons throughout her career across various industries, from an interest in psychology to working as a flight attendant and as part of an accounting firm. But no matter where life took her, she always seemed to find her way back to the restaurant industry.  

“I’ve always had such a passion for food, for cooking, and for feeding people. I went to culinary school and I’ve done everything in the restaurant industry, from working at the front door to owning and running it,” Amber said. “So joining DoorDash as a City Specialist in Orlando really came naturally to me because I can understand and empathize with what so many of our merchants are experiencing, with many of them running their own restaurants and businesses. As we operate our local commerce platform, I’m able to use my skill set, blend it with my passion for people, and translate it into something really impactful.”

In her role at DoorDash, Amber is energized to dig down deep and help her local market’s merchants thrive. As a City Specialist she works closely with merchants to drive hyper-local experimentation, supports them in their day-to-day needs, and finds areas to help them thrive. 

“Having been a restaurant owner in the past, I know what many of these small, mom and pop shops are going through if they run into problems,” Amber said. “They don’t have time to sit down and troubleshoot things. If something’s going wrong in the middle of a shift, they’re often in the trenches with their employees. So that’s why it’s super important that people like me are available and around to support our merchants when they need it most.”

After about a year and a half at DoorDash, Amber is thriving in her career. She’s enjoyed the culture of collaboration, support in continuing to grow professionally, and opportunities to step out of her defined role to own new projects. 

“DoorDash is the land of opportunity. You know when you come here, you’re going to pivot and you’ll have the opportunity to work on different projects,” Amber said. “We have an intentional culture at DoorDash. As I watch the company grow, I know that means there’s more runway for me to grow and learn new skills.”

In addition to her everyday role as a City Specialist, Amber is also a Co-Chair of our [email protected] Employee Resource Group, helping build and drive the culture she wants to experience at DoorDash. 

“I just want people to know that you can actually love your job. Part of me loving this job is having this outlet as a part of the [email protected] ERG, which is a community of allies and identifiers that I can grieve with, celebrate with, and be part of something that’s much larger than me,” Amber said. “The people that I work with are so dynamic and amazing. We all come from different walks of life with different names and backgrounds. It’s just so beautiful how we can join together and tighten our bonds as a community. And thanks go out to DoorDash for creating a safe space for us to be our authentic selves when we come to work.”

As a Co-Chair of the [email protected] ERG, Amber and her team are looking forward to their next gathering, which will include sharing a community cookbook featuring recipes from members of the ERG while they attend a virtual block party to celebrate Juneteenth on Thursday, June 16. 

In addition to amplifying the voices of our employees, DoorDash is committed to supporting Black Dashers, merchants and communities throughout the year. In partnership with the National Urban League, we launched the GoalUp Financial Empowerment Program offering free multimedia courses that cover topics such as building credit, creating a budget, growing savings, and applying for mortgage financing and education financing. Since 2021, we’ve provided training, grants, and networking to Black small businesses owners through our Restaurant Accelerator and Accelerator for Local Goods

To learn more about what life is like at DoorDash, check out our open positions and find the perfect role to come grow your career with us: https://careers.doordash.com/#open-positions