Nov 29, 2021 Culture

DoorDash’s Commitment to Hiring from the Veteran Community

Earlier this month, on Veterans Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in Canada, we celebrated and honored veterans for their service. As we continue to grow and empower local economies, DoorDash is committed to supporting this community all year round. It is our goal to find more talent within the military community including Veterans and military spouses, and we have therefore taken the following steps to live our company value, “Make Room at the Table”:

  • On Veterans Day, DoorDash launched its newest Employee Resource Group (ERG) [email protected] DoorDash.
  • On October 26, 2021, DoorDash was inducted into the Department of Defense’s Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) Program. DoorDash’s mission aligns with the MSEP program because we are a company of leaders, doers, and learners. DoorDash’s commitment to the MSEP partnership aligns with the continued efforts to hire military members and spouses.
  • In addition, DoorDash has committed to taking the Veteran Hiring Pledge. In doing so, we are committing to actively hire veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. We value and recognize the leadership, training, character and discipline that our veterans and members of the National Guard and Reserve bring to our company and the American workforce.

Inclusion has always been a focus at DoorDash, and in turn, has contributed to our growth. It is one of our values to get 1% Better Every Day, by looking closely at what we can improve, what we’re doing well, and how we can make DoorDash the place where people can do the best work of their careers without muting their identities.

Read below about just some of the teams at DoorDash that are hiring, and from a few of our veteran employees about their experiences.

About the Merchant organization

The vision of the Merchant organization is to bring every restaurant, grocer, and store in your neighborhood to the DoorDash app and help them thrive in the digital world. The team functions as a trusted partner for merchant growth, supporting merchants’ day to day needs, delivering actionable insights, and helping merchants grow their sales. 

“Veterans Day has been a day for me to acknowledge all of the service members who served before and after me, and especially for those that I have served with. I choose to work at DoorDash because it is a company that has been building that Veteran acknowledgement. At DoorDash, Veterans will be welcomed into the DoorDash family! Having that support within this company and that feeling that everyone is an important part of DoorDash is something special. Thank you DoorDash and all the Veterans!!”
– Michael Molland, US Navy Veteran , Merchant Experience Partner

Our Merchant organization is divided into four key teams; including Sales, Support, Merchant Strategy and Enterprise/Business Development. Across each team, we have various opportunities across entry and senior level roles – including Customer Experience Representatives, Account Executives, Leadership and Strategy & Operations roles. We encourage anyone eager to make an impact on our merchant community to apply.

About Merchant Services

Our Merchant Services team sits at the heart and soul of DoorDash, ensuring that we set all of our partner merchants up for success by providing a seamless onboarding, menu, and photo experience. As DoorDash grows both in the scale and scope of our offerings, the strength of our merchant services engine must grow with it.

“I chose DoorDash as an employer because of the culture and overall energy I felt when I walked onto the floor for my interview. It was exhilarating and refreshing to see so many people happy and vibing so well while working. In the military, one of the best things you get is the connection you make with those you work with; you become a family. DoorDash was the first place after my military career to really feel like a family. Everyone cares for one another and it truly is one team, one fight. As this company grows and creates more support for all Veterans, the culture and those attachments will grow with it. It’s a very exciting time at DoorDash, and I can’t wait to see what we do next.”
– Veronica Calderon, US Navy Veteran :us_navy:, Merchant Services Training Senior Team Lead 

Our Merchant Services team offers many opportunities across our various functions, such as: Point of Sale Activations, Internal & Vendor Audit, Photos, Onboarding & Activations, and much more. Roles typically include: Merchant Operations Specialist, Team Leads, Project Supervisors, People Supervisors, and Operations Managers.

About DashMarts

DashMart is a new type of convenience store, offering both household essentials and local restaurant favorites delivered to our customers’ doorsteps. On DashMart, you’ll find thousands of convenience, grocery, and restaurant items, from ice cream and chips, to cough medicine and dog food, to spice rubs and packaged desserts from the local restaurants you love on DoorDash. DashMart stores are owned, operated, and curated by DoorDash.

Some open DashMart career opportunities include: operations associates, shift leads, site managers, operations managers, and regional managers.

About DoorDash Kitchens

Back in 2019, we launched our own kitchen facilities, called DoorDash Kitchens, with the goal of helping merchant partners expand their geographic footprint in new markets and reach new customers with lower overhead costs. Since then, we learned that many restaurants need more than just help with the upfront real estate costs, and are looking for even less expensive and operationally intensive options to open a new location.

With this in mind, DoorDash Kitchens Full Service provides restaurants operating from a DoorDash Kitchens location with a new way to grow their businesses without the operational and economic investment of opening a brick-and-mortar store. Full Service can be a flexible and cost-efficient opportunity for restaurants to test new markets, as DoorDash takes on many of the tasks associated with opening and operating a storefront such as hiring, meal prep, procuring equipment and sourcing ingredients.

These are kitchens tailored to support merchants’ off-premise sales (delivery, catering, pick-up, etc.) with a minimum storefront. Our goal is to empower merchants to expand the reach of their stores in new ways that make sense for them.

“I joined DoorDash because of my interview with my boss and team members. I could tell that this team felt like home and that I would be supported and encouraged to succeed. In my interview, I made it well-known that hiring and supporting the military community was a passion of mine. I am a Sourcing Specialist II on the New Business Verticals team and I also serve in the Air Force Reserves. My position supports the recruiting strategies and operations for DashMarts and DoorDash Kitchens. Because I am a service member and former military spouse, I am able to read military resumes, am knowledgeable of military jobs, and can attest to the troubles the military community faces in regards to the civilian workforce. My leadership team has used my unique knowledge to help create processes and strategies to recruit veterans and military spouses. I can genuinely say that I love my job at DoorDash and that I am 100% supported by my immediate leadership, encouraged to find my passion in my role and then run with ideas that I’m interested in pursuing.”
– Cassie Cristo, US Air Force Reserves :airplane:, NBV Sourcing Specialist II

DoorDash Kitchen career opportunities include: dishwashers/prep cooks, operations associates, line cooks, and executive chefs/kitchen managers.

For more information about our open opportunities, visit our DoorDash Careers site.