Jan 26, 2022 Culture

Employee Spotlight: Morgan Berry, Merchant Onboarding Specialist

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#1 – Tell us about your role and journey so far at DoorDash.

I started at DoorDash as a Corporate Menu Planner on the DoorDash for Work (previously DoorDash for Business) team about 2.5 years ago. I planned catering, group carts and special events for our corporate clients. Once COVID started, I pivoted into a merchant-facing role on the Merchant Onboarding team. I’ve had the opportunity to work on lots of different projects, and picked up so many new skills along the way.

#2 – Why did you want to become involved with [email protected] Employee Resource Group (ERG) and what do you hope to accomplish this year? 

Prior to DoorDash, I had never worked at a company that had ERGs. In fact, I wasn’t sure what an ERG was or what to expect. It was also my first time working at a tech company which was already a bit daunting. At the time, our Chicago office was fairly small with less than 50 people, so I thought joining [email protected] was a great way to connect with folks in different offices and learn more about different teams within DoorDash. [email protected] became so much more than that. It has become a place where I feel free to be myself with people who look like and understand me. We’ve been through some very traumatic experiences over the last few years, and I am truly grateful to have had this community to support, comfort, listen and empathize with. 

I’ve been on the [email protected] leadership team for a little over two years as a Communications Co-lead. This year, I’m looking forward to stepping into my role as Co-Chair, connecting with and learning from incoming [email protected] leaders and partnering with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) leaders to empower Black employees.

#3 – You’ve been invited to participate in the upcoming Five to Nine Tech ERG Summit – what is the event about? And what do you want the audience to walk away with?

The Five to Nine Tech ERG Summit is a three-day event for folks in the Tech space to learn from industry leading ERG and DEI professionals. The Summit will cover ERG best practices, operations and helpful tips to help ERG leaders make the most impact within their organizations. I really want people to walk away with the idea that everyone regardless of their title has influence to create equitable, inclusive spaces for employees to thrive, which ultimately impacts the organization as a whole.

#4 – What has been your favorite project or initiative through [email protected] so far?

One of my favorite initiatives so far was our Black History Month 2021 Thriving Financially series, which featured talks from financial industry experts. The series covered a variety of topics including saving, investing and building generational wealth. We also had a session that was open to any of our DoorDash merchant partners where they were able to get advice and get answers to critical SBA loan questions. Almost 100% of attendees said they would attend again! I love that we were able to provide financial wellness resources to both internal employees and merchants who were looking to keep their businesses afloat during COVID.

#5 – What do you love most about working at DoorDash and what do you look forward to the most in growing your career here?

I love the fact that DoorDash encourages everyone to bring their whole, authentic self to work every single day. That means kids and pets are welcome on Zoom meetings. We celebrate personal wins and constantly look for ways to connect in a seemingly disconnected (and mostly virtual) world. I also love that people are so welcoming and collaborative. I’ve learned so much about the other teams at DoorDash by scheduling coffee chats with folks on different teams. Regardless of job title, people are always willing to hop on Zoom to help resolve a problem, chat about career paths or give advice.

#6 – How has DoorDash supported you, and what do you think is important for potential candidates to know?

I’m super proud of the way DoorDash has given employees a voice and a seat at the table – abiding by our “Make Room at the Table” company value. I love that ERGs play an important role in key business decisions and that we have the freedom to choose the organizations we want to support.

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