Feb 24, 2021 Dasher

Doctor On Demand & DoorDash Host Webinar to Address Dashers’ COVID-19 Vaccine Questions

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Dashers have been critical to the fabric of our communities, ensuring that restaurants can continue feeding their neighborhoods and that residents, particularly those who are most vulnerable, continue to have access to food and other necessities. Throughout this time, we’ve remained committed to the health and safety of the DoorDash community, and we’ve taken steps to protect and support Dashers by making all deliveries contactless by default, providing free PPE including masks (both reusable and disposable) and hand sanitizer, and offering Financial Assistance for Dashers affected by COVID-19.

Additionally, through Doctor On Demand®, one of the nation’s leading virtual healthcare platforms, all U.S.-based Dashers can access virtual urgent care and behavioral health visits for just $4.

With a vaccine now available in the United States, we’re once again partnering with Doctor On Demand to answer Dashers’ questions around the COVID-19 vaccine. On February 17, YouTube Dasher Bentley Koup and Doctor On Demand’s Dr. Prentiss Taylor held a webinar to chat through Dashers’ most frequent questions.

“It’s perfectly reasonable that people have concerns about new vaccines. At Doctor On Demand, we’re listening and want to be a resource to help understand and alleviate your concerns,” said Dr. Prentiss Taylor, VP Medical Affairs, Doctor On Demand. “The approved shots are actually a lot like a two-phase flu shot — but are much more effective at preventing serious illness. I got mine, and we hope you get yours.”

“Being able to hear directly from Dr. Prentiss Taylor about the COVID-19 vaccine was incredibly valuable, and I hope the many Dashers who joined and had a chance to ask their own questions and learn more left feeling just as informed as I did,” said Dasher Bentley Koup. “I really appreciate Doctor On Demand and DoorDash for the support in making this webinar happen, and encourage all Dashers to stay safe, informed and healthy.”

DoorDash will continue to provide information and resources to Dashers because now more than ever, we’re proud to be a lifeline to many people in need of flexible work opportunities and delivery options that work for their family and community. As a result of COVID-19 and shelter-in-place orders, a tremendous need emerged for last-mile provision of food and supplies to seniors, the immunocompromised, and families in need, and the Dasher community has been integral to increasing access and connecting millions of meals to food insecure and vulnerable populations.

We’re committed to building upon our partnership with Doctor On Demand in 2021 and keeping Dashers safe while serving their communities. For more information and resources on COVID-19 and vaccine eligibility, please check our Coronavirus Resource Center for Dashers.