NAWLEE to host webinars, produce written safety materials for Dashers, advise on product initiatives, and advocate for public policies that prioritize Dasher safety 

DoorDash takes the safety of our community extremely seriously, and we work hard every day to keep Dashers safe while they are delivering the meals and other essentials we’ve come to rely on, particularly over the last year and a half. In fact, many Dashers tell us that safety is the reason they choose DoorDash over other ways to earn, so we know it’s critically important that we provide Dashers with tools and resources for peace of mind. 

This is why today, we’re proud to announce our partnership with the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE), an organization of leading advocates and experts on safety best practices. Our partnership with NAWLEE is a direct result of the feedback we’ve heard from Dashers. We recently shared the results of our largest-ever national Dasher survey, which found that safety is a top consideration for Dashers when choosing which platforms to work with, especially among women, who make up a majority of Dashers.

NAWLEE will partner with DoorDash to develop a series of webinars and education tools to help Dashers feel more confident, specifically tailored to the Dasher community and the unique nature of delivering on our platform. As part of this effort, NAWLEE will host educational webinars for Dashers, sharing best practices for personal safety while out on the road. Webinars will cover topics including conflict de-escalation, navigating safety incidents, and more. While this content is being built, we will continue to engage Dashers to understand their top concerns and look for ways to help address them. We look forward to making these resources available later this Fall. 

In addition to these educational materials, NAWLEE will also advise DoorDash on product initiatives ranging from improving road safety to reducing distracted driving to responsibly delivering alcohol products. NAWLEE will also facilitate connections with law enforcement organizations to help raise awareness around safety issues impacting Dashers. NAWLEE and DoorDash will work together to engage on public policy issues related to Dasher safety, including  education and advocacy for local, state, and federal policies that help keep Dashers safe while delivering. 

In a recent survey, 77% of women Dashers said they prefer delivery work over rideshare because they didn’t want to share their car with strangers (compared to 65% of men), while 61% of women Dashers said they believed delivery was safer than rideshare (compared to 50% of men).

“As a mother, supporting my son is priority number one. That’s why feeling safe and secure while I’m dashing is so important not only to me, but also to my family,” said Angel Roberts, Dasher, Longmont, Colorado. “Over the last year, I’ve heard from other Dashers across the country through the Voices from Dashers of Color Council that feeling safe is important, and it’s one of the reasons we deliver with DoorDash. I’m excited about the resources DoorDash’s partnership with NAWLEE will provide for me and other Dashers, allowing us to continue dashing — on our own terms — with the protections and safety resources that give us peace of mind.” 

“Ensuring Dasher safety is incredibly important to me and everyone at DoorDash,” said Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean, Vice-President of Communications and Policy at DoorDash. “As we invest in products to deliver on our safety commitment, we recognize the importance of bringing in experts who can advise us on the best ways to support Dashers and ensure they are safe, and feel safe, every step of the way. The National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives is uniquely qualified on these issues, particularly given the majority of Dashers are women. We will work relentlessly to develop tools and resources to continue providing that peace of mind.” 

“The National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives is proud to partner with DoorDash to ensure all Dashers feel safe as they connect merchants and customers. With years of experience in law enforcement NAWLEE members can provide Dashers tangible tips to keep themselves safe and protected. We’re grateful to DoorDash for coming to the table, being a leader in their industry, and demonstrating the company’s clear commitment to safety,” said Kym Craven, Executive Director, NAWLEE. 

Our partnership with NAWLEE builds on DoorDash’s work in safety, including our dedicated 24/7 Trust and Safety team, providing free and discounted road safety gear and PPE to Dashers, and facilitating contactless delivery by default. We look forward to sharing more about our work in this important space in the weeks and months ahead.