Apr 21, 2021 Dasher

For Dashers from Dashers: Making ratings work for you

By: Miguel Escamilla, Product Marketing

At DoorDash, we are dedicated to building a platform that best supports the Dasher community, providing access to flexible, transparent, and meaningful opportunities to earn. We are committed to learning from Dashers about what they need to be most successful on the platform. One key area we heard about from Dashers was that our ratings could be more useful — and we listened. We’re excited to introduce a new Ratings Dashboard that makes Dasher ratings even more transparent, actionable, and helpful.

Built for Dashers

We learned from Dashers that they wanted a better understanding of the feedback behind the 5-star rating system provided by customers. With this in mind, we set out to reimagine the Ratings Dashboard and build a comprehensive experience to make ratings more actionable for Dashers. DoorDash is the first delivery platform to provide such a transparent experience for Dashers to see what they’re doing well and to review what customers love about their experience as well as gain helpful feedback on potential areas where they could improve. We are proud to have worked on this ratings refresh in collaboration with Dashers in our Dasher Community Council and the Dasher community at large.

Here’s how the new Ratings Dashboard works

More transparent ratings that better reflect what you control

When you click into your Customer Ratings, you will find a detailed breakdown that shows you what counts towards your average customer rating.

We recognize that some deliveries may involve factors that aren’t directly related to you or the quality of your service, such as long wait times at restaurants or an unforeseen traffic jam. To protect Dashers from one-off low ratings that are a result of something out of a Dasher’s control, we exclude those ratings so they are not unfairly counted against you.

Actionable feedback

Within your Customer Feedback section, you will now see a thumbs up or thumbs down icon that tracks customer feedback across four relevant ratings categories: Communications, Followed Delivery Instructions, Order Handling, and Friendliness. When you click into each category, you will find helpful tips and advice from expert Dashers to help strengthen your rating.

Customer Compliments — Going the extra mile

With customer compliments, you can get direct feedback from customers and learn about areas where you are going above and beyond.

We have heard from Dashers that they miss the social element of making a customer’s day when they make a drop-off and have a chance to interact with the customer face-to-face. With this new update within the Ratings Dashboard, Dashers are now able to see the customer’s specific feedback and commentary about their order which can help give back an element of that lost social connection that many of us have been missing.

What’s Next

Dashers can find this new experience by tapping into the ‘Ratings’ section of the Dasher app. Thus far, we are encouraged to hear what Dashers have to say about how this new Ratings Dashboard has helped improve their day-to-day experience Dashing:

It’s great to see the comments of people that appreciate the work. — [Karen C.]

Easy to read and understand layout, and the detailed breakdown for each category is lovely. — [Chaz W.]

With this new Ratings Dashboard, we are proud to provide Dashers with more actionable and reliable feedback to help them improve with every delivery. We appreciate the valuable input Dashers share with us and we remain committed to listening and learning from Dashers to understand how we can continue to make their delivery experience better.