Apr 20, 2017 Dasher

Making Dashing Faster, Easier and Greener with Electric Bikes

By Usman Cheema, Business Development Manager

Ahead of this Earth Day, we are introducing a new green partnership with GenZe – the company behind the popular zero-emission electric bikes – to offer e-bikes as an alternative mode of transportation for Dashers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver and Washington D.C.

Dashers today use a variety of vehicle types – from cars to trucks, and from scooters to bicycles – as a way to complete the many different types of deliveries with DoorDash. And though each method of transportation has its benefit, we’ve seen that scooters and bikes are incredibly efficient at navigating heavy traffic in urban areas to get an order to its destination on time. While scooters aren’t for everyone, and can sometimes require different licensing, we’ve found that bikes are an easy-to-use, accessible option for most. And since many people are already comfortable with riding a traditional bicycle, e-bikes are a great way to help reduce our carbon footprint and assist Dashers to navigate a city with ease.

That’s where GenZe comes in, their 100% electric e-bikes can travel 20-25 miles off of one charge. And with throttle and pedal-assist, you can breeze forward at up to 20 miles an hour without pedaling at all. Just add a burrito or a family order of Jack in the Box and you can picture your newly superhuman Dasher taking on the infamous hills of San Francisco, or the grid-locked and parking challenged Downtown L.A., en route with your order. Areas with high traffic or slow drive times don’t stand a chance against an e-bike’s power boost.

As we test deliveries during the pilot, we hope to expand to other urban cities in the future, likely deploying with a simple day rental model.

Are you interested becoming a Dasher? We’d love to hear from you! Find out more here.