Jun 10, 2022 Dasher

Strengthening Our Support For Dashers In New York

Last year, we brought together our first New York Dasher Advisory Group, dedicated to amplifying the voices of Dashers in the Empire State and empowering them to advise on key issues, act as a sounding board for ideas, and shape DoorDash’s future by testing new product features. As part of these meetings, we received feedback from Dashers on the importance of flexibility and choice in their lives, took recommendations on how to improve safety on the platform, and discussed community engagement efforts they would be interested in. We’ve always felt it’s important to hear from members of our own community and we’re grateful for the perspectives we’ve heard.

Now, we have proudly welcomed our second class of the New York Dasher Advisory Group as part of our ongoing commitment to build stronger ties with the Dasher community across the state. The group will learn in-depth about topics such as Project DASH and portable benefits, while providing feedback to help ensure that business and product initiatives best address the unique needs of Dashers in New York. 

“We know that our platform works best when it’s working for Dashers,” said Mariah Ray, Senior Manager, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation Policy. “DoorDash was founded to empower local communities, and Dashers play a crucial part of that mission in New York. Our Dasher Advisory Group is about making meaningful connections with Dashers so they can provide perspective and help us better address their needs.”

Our latest New York Dasher Advisory Group is as diverse as the Empire State itself. The group includes members from Upstate and Downstate; native English and bilingual speakers; those who choose to dash by bike or foot and those who choose to dash by car. 

“Serving on the Dasher Advisory Group really makes me feel empowered to make my voice heard on what matters most to me,” said Dwanét Perry, from Queens and New York Dasher Advisory Group member. “Dashing has made a real difference in my life, helping me through tough times after I was laid off and then giving me the freedom and flexibility to go off and pursue my own business dreams. It has been great to be able to share my experience and connect with other Dashers across New York.”

New Yorkers look to dashing for flexible earning opportunities that makes this work truly unique and valuable. For example, during Q1 2022, Dashers across the five boroughs — who on average earned nearly $29 per hour while on the job, including 100% of their tips — worked on average fewer than 3 hours a week, and more than 90% worked fewer than 10 hours per week.  

Whether it’s earning to meet a savings goal or to help pay their bills, we know that dashing fills a unique role for Dashers across New York. In fact, 87% of New York state Dashers told us in our Dasher survey last year that they have other income or responsibilities outside of dashing, and 67% said dashing allows them to supplement their income whenever they need to. 

In addition to New York, we’ve been eager to hear feedback from Dashers around the world as we continually work to provide tools and resources to support them. In addition to our national Dasher Community Council, Canadian Dasher Community Council, and Australian Dasher Community Council, we also have Dasher Advisory Groups in Washington state and Ontario, Canada, with plans to expand to more locations. 

From Buffalo to Brooklyn and Canandaigua to Queens, our Dasher Advisory Group members help connect New Yorkers to the best of their community. As we deepen our commitment to New York, we are doing so with guidance and feedback from those who know New York best, including the Dashers, local merchants, and customers.