Apr 29, 2022 Dasher

Unveiling Dash To It, DoorDash’s New Multi-Platform Campaign Aimed at Championing Dashers

DoorDash is launching a new campaign inspired by the stories of thousands of athletes who use dashing on the DoorDash platform to achieve their goals on and off the field. Over the past two years alone, stories have emerged highlighting several professional athletes who have dashed while working towards their goals, including Zach Wilson, Sammis Reyes, Sam Cosmi, Innis Gaines, David Skinns, T.J. Sikkema, Peter Bayer, Alec Yoder, and more, and this year alone, dozens of prospects from the 2022 professional football draft class have dashed on the DoorDash platform. 

With one of the most prominent times in sports officially underway, the professional football draft not only brings excitement and hometown pride for teams and fans alike, but signifies the culmination of the long-awaited dreams of many hard working athletes coming to fruition. From long nights of training to leading their teams to victories, several athletes are taking the stage to begin a new journey in sports, while also looking back on the path to get there. 

One of these athletes, Desmond Ridder, is sharing the role that dashing on the DoorDash platform played in allowing him to chase his passion to reach his final destination, playing professional football, in a new campaign. The campaign and :30 TV spot debuted for the first time last night in celebration of his journey.

“It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to play professional football, and I’m so excited to have the support of DoorDash during this pivotal moment in my career, ” said Ridder. “I loved the flexibility dashing provided and how it allowed me to still focus on the sport I love, so teaming up with them to share my journey while inspiring other people to chase their dreams means a lot to me.” 

To capture the essence of dashing while chasing your dream, the campaign aimed to amplify Dasher voices and empower the community throughout the entire process. The commercial was directed entirely by Wes Walker, a Dasher and former NCAA Division I athlete, who brought an authentic perspective to the spot. By highlighting Ridder’s story, DoorDash hopes to further inspire future and current Dashers in achieving their dreams.