May 25, 2023 Get the Facts

Setting the record straight on a baseless lawsuit

This past week, several stories have been published about false allegations from a baseless lawsuit against DoorDash.

Let’s set the record straight: DoorDash does not charge more based on the type of phone you use. Period.

Any allegation that we deliberately charge iPhone users more than Android users is blatantly false and frankly ridiculous. 

Given the way this lawsuit was drafted as a wandering and baseless rant, it is clear now what their legal strategy is: throw spaghetti against a wall and see if anything sticks. We categorically reject the untrue claims in the lawsuit and look forward to vigorously fighting them. 

Importantly, we understand the pressure many people across the country are feeling from the rising cost-of-living. We want to assure our customers that we remain laser-focused on delivering great value and the best possible experience.

Does DoorDash charge iPhone users more than Android users for the same orders?

No. DoorDash does not deliberately charge more based on the type of phone a person uses. 

What fees does DoorDash charge? Why? 

Simply put – fees help us operate our platform. Fees go to paying Dashers, powering our app and platform, and providing our community with the best experience possible. For more information about the fees you may pay, please visit here

Does DoorDash explain what fees it charges? 

Yes. Fees are disclosed throughout the customer experience, including on each restaurant storepage and before checkout. 

I have seen examples of iPhone users being shown different prices to Android users. Why is that? 

To be clear – we do not deliberately charge more based on the type of phone a person uses. DoorDash is always thinking about new ways to improve and deliver an even better experience to users. We regularly pilot new features and run different promotions, such as seasonal promotions, limited-time menu offerings or deals with our merchant partners. As such, there may be times when a user sees different features or promotions than other users.