Oct 18, 2022 International

Juno-Nominated Canadian artist Tesher shares how to host this festive season with DoorDash 

Take the stress out of holiday celebrations so you can spend more time with the ones you love. Learn how to make hosting easy this festive season with tips and tricks from Tesher & DoorDash.

October officially marks the beginning of the festive season, and what better way to celebrate than with food! Today, DoorDash and Juno Award-nominated Canadian artist Tesher, are coming together to help Canadians celebrate this festive season by connecting them with their favourite local restaurants.

Tesher is no stranger when it comes to food, with his hit single Jalebi Baby rocketing him to fame in 2020. Jalebi is a popular South Asian dessert that can be enjoyed throughout the year, especially during Diwali. 

“When I was growing up, food was a way to experience a variety of cultures for me. Whether it was a celebration for Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Eid or any other festival, food was always a big part. Connecting friends and family from many different communities, food has always been a topic of conversation and a way for people around me to learn about my South Asian culture. To date, that is still something I take with me everywhere I go.” – Tesher

“I’ve been travelling quite a bit with the new changes in my career, but food, especially my favourite dessert, ‘jalebi’ always reminds me of home and the simpler days with my friends and family. Like many parts of the South Asian culture, food is one of the ways I am able to incorporate my South Asian heritage into my music and beats and share a piece of my culture with my fans and the people I love the most” – Tesher  

Now, Tesher is looking to highlight his South Asian culture through food, ahead of Diwali festivities later this month.  

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, hosting friends and family or feeling indulgent, DoorDash makes it easy to get your favourite dishes delivered to your doorstep this festive season.   

Here’s how you can celebrate like Tesher and host a successful dinner party with DoorDash:

1. Spread the love: Don’t just pick one restaurant 

“With my current travel schedule, I’m often on the road. While I miss being in my own environment and cooking, I love being able to try new restaurants and cuisines while away. I often find myself turning to DashPass, DoorDash’s membership program, for delivery to find the best meals in my neighbourhood.” – Tesher 

Some of Tesher’s favourite restaurants across Canada are The Biryaniwala (Toronto), Premium Sweets & Restaurant (GTA), Hakka Bistro (Toronto) Osmow’s (GTA), Burrito Boyz (Toronto) Udupi Palace (Toronto) India Palace Restaurant (Regina), Trifon’s Pizza (Regina), Tasty Indian Bistro (Vancouver), Kokomo (Vancouver)

Another way to experience as much flavour as possible, and save, is with Double Dash. Whether you want to order South Asian and Indian cuisines or Italian and Greek, you can add your favourite drinks, snacks and desserts from a nearby store and include them in one single order, at no additional fee with Double Dash.  

2. Hosting your family? Show them your skills   

“When I’m home, I love to cook with my family. Making food has always brought my family together and it’s a way we try out new recipes and spend time together. My family is usually prepared, but when I’m hosting, sometimes I forget a few key ingredients and it’s not worth running back to the store. Thank god DoorDash makes it easy to order any missing ingredients from grocery stores like Loblaws on the DoorDash app!” – Tesher

“And when my cooking fails me, I can always just order my favourite dishes as well as party favourites from all my favourite restaurants on the DoorDash app. I love that the food reaches my door even before I finish cleaning up the mess in the kitchen!”- Tesher 

3. Level Up: Impress your guests with a Michelin experience 

“My favourite thing about Canada is the incredibly diverse cuisines that we have access to and now, with MICHELIN-rated restaurants available on DoorDash, I can impress my friends with a premium experience from my home, no reservations required.” – Tesher

“And now that DoorDash is the exclusive on-demand delivery platform partner of MICHELIN in Canada, I am excited to host a fancy dinner party at home for my closest friends and try out some Michelin recommended restaurants on the DoorDash app.”- Tesher 

Celebrating with DoorDash has never been easier. With access to everyday convenience and local restaurants from your neighbourhood, DoorDash is the perfect festive season hosting partner!  And for that last minute jalebi order this Diwali, just Dash that.

Ready to host for the holidays? Become a DashPass member now. The first 30 days are free and after that, it’s only $9.99 per month to get access to the best of your neighbourhood.