Jun 23, 2021 Merchant

Better Insights to Fuel Our Restaurant Partners’ Success

By: Andrew Rota, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Today, DoorDash is officially introducing the Insights Hub, a new tool in the Merchant Portal designed to give business owners more access to data and help them grow their off-premises business.

Running a restaurant is challenging, there are many moving pieces, and it’s not always clear where to look to better understand areas of opportunity, especially when it comes to to-go and delivery orders. Restaurants might have to look across a number of tools, platforms, and partners — like point-of-sale, accounting, and HR — to gauge performance and success.

Our restaurant partners have told us they want to better understand their performance on DoorDash, so they can make informed business decisions about their DoorDash store. We created the new Insights Hub in the Merchant Portal to do exactly that.

The Insights Hub provides restaurant partners with access to data about menu performance, customer feedback, and daily operations. With this knowledge, partners can focus on adjusting their menus, operations, staffing, and more in order to reach new customers and, ultimately, grow their business. Here are more details:

Menu Performance: A DoorDash menu is a digital representation of a business, so it’s critical for business owners to make sure their menus are optimized. This tab identifies top-performing menu items by date and location and ordering trends like ticket size and average order value. The tab includes personalized insights and tips for improving menu performance and increasing sales, like adding item photos or descriptions to your popular items, or adding small ticket items to increase your basket size.

“[Insights Hub] is about how to make your business more profitable, where you can find rocks and throw them to find more revenue streams.” Brian McConnell, Ocean’s Bar & Grill

Customer Feedback: The Customer Feedback tab lets restaurant partners see customers’ ratings and quickly respond using pre-written templates. This tab allows for a greater connection between a store and their customers through interaction and engagement. Partners can also offer promo in response to customer feedback — this is important because customers who redeem a promo are almost 5x more likely to re-order. Partners can also view their lifetime rating (what customers see in the DoorDash app) and their most recent ratings for insight into recent trends and changes.

Operations Quality: The Operations Quality tab helps owner/operators understand what operational factors are helping their business — and what’s holding them back. It includes the following metrics: cancellations, Dasher wait time, customer ratings, order accuracy and downtime. In addition to identifying these metrics, this feature also provides suggestions for how to improve them to help partners achieve Most Loved status, a new rewards program for top-rated restaurants that helps boost visibility and sales.

“We’re excited to provide valuable insights to our merchant partners. However they want to grow, scale, and improve their business, we want to help.” — Kevin Huang, Vice President, Merchant Strategy & Operations)DoorDash’s mission is to power local economies and help our partners grow — the new Insights tab is one part of that. Log into the Merchant Portal now to view your top Insights and take action.