Apr 19, 2021 Community

Celebrating Ramadan with Zakat Foundation of America

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims across the globe place a focus on patience, mercy, gratitude, and spiritual revival. The holy month requires abstaining from food from sunrise to sunset each day, but with the challenges of each day comes a respite each night: eating. Not everyone who fasts has a meal guaranteed at the end of the day, though. Those who observe Ramadan choose to forego the comfort of meals throughout the day, reminding us food security is a privilege, not a guarantee — one that far too many are not afforded.

We are excited to announce a partnership with Zakat Foundation of America to feed those in need. Throughout Ramadan, DoorDash and Zakat Foundation are partnering to feed 15,000 people across the United States with warm meals to support those facing food insecurity. The distributions will take place across the country, from New York to California.

Food access is vital to the strength of our local communities. Since 2018, DoorDash has worked to combat food insecurity through Project DASH, which connected an estimated 6.5 million meals to food insecure and vulnerable populations in 2020 alone. We’re proud to partner with the Zakat Foundation of America to continue expanding our food access efforts and provide meals to those who need them most during the sacred month of Ramadan.

For those that observe halal diets as well, the ability to find halal food options is crucial not just during the month, but throughout the year. This month, DoorDash is honored to be highlighting local, halal merchants on our platform. Through our new halal collection in cities like New York, Chicago, Oakland, Philadelphia, Houston, and Detroit, we hope to make it easier to find local halal options.

Simply search “halal” to find local options near you.

Today, over 1,000 merchants self-identify as halal on the DoorDash platform, and we’re excited to be spotlighting many of those through the collection.

“There are parts of Chicago and the suburbs that have plenty of halal options. But options are more limited in our neighborhood, and we’re proud to be a staple where people can come to enjoy a hearty, healthy and halal meal. In the words of Rumi himself: ‘The month of fasting has come, the emperor’s banner has arrived, withhold your hand from food, the spirit’s table has arrived.’ For us, this is a time of spiritual renewal.” — Rashid, Rumi Middle Eastern Grill, Chicago, IL

“Ramadan is a time to bring the Muslim and other community together because everyone is striving for the same spiritual goodness. Halal Diner is honored and grateful to provide Iftar meals for local masjids and community. We all pray together to gain as much reward as we can during this blessed time and after.” — Almogar Hussain, Halal Diner, Jamaica, NY

“Each year, Ramadan serves as a chance for Muslims around the world to become more empathetic to those in need. As a Muslim-led and African-owned business, Cafe Madina recognizes ‘The Holy Month’ as an important opportunity for Muslims to appreciate the privilege of food, thank God for all that we have and to become closer to one another.” — Hassan & Ubah Abdi, Cafe Madina, Irving, TX

We extend sincere Ramadan Greetings to our Muslim community members and to all those celebrating. May you all have a blessed month; Ramadan Mubarak!