Aug 22, 2022 Merchant

Grown from Partner Feedback, DoorDash Revamps its Merchant Suite to Better Help Restaurants Succeed

In Addition, Merchants Can Now Access Customer Insights and Ordering Habits, a new Educational Hub, plus Attend Regional Conference Kicking Off This Fall

Restaurants deliver so much more than food to their communities. They provide nourishment, jobs, creativity, and enrich neighborhoods. When restaurants grow and thrive, so do their neighborhoods and communities. In an effort to help restaurant partners succeed — whatever their business goals — DoorDash is unveiling a reimagined Merchant Suite that highlights the variety of ways that restaurants can grow on the platform. Today, DoorDash also rolled out deeper access to Customer Insights, debuted a new Learning Center and announced an upcoming regional event to supercharge its restaurant partners’ business goals.

“I like to think of our Merchant Suite as a ’choose your own adventure on DoorDash’ guided experience shaped directly by partners’ feedback and designed with their needs at heart,” said Tom Pickett, Chief Revenue Officer at DoorDash. “Our goal is to give restaurants more opportunities to grow, be more profitable, and operate efficiently in today’s online convenience economy. We’re only successful when our partners are successful — we hope this new framework gives them the guidance and tools they need to grow.” 

The DoorDash Merchant Suite showcases all the products available to small and medium-sized businesses in a new, simple self-serve fashion. The reimagined suite puts restaurants’ needs first, and was built as a direct result of listening to partner feedback. Whether a restaurant wants to Grow Online, Attract New Customers, Increase Order Volume, or Optimize Current Business – partners can now easily identify and access the unique set of DoorDash tools that can help achieve their goals and succeed off-premise. Here’s more: 

Grow Online

DoorDash has many ways to help restaurants grow their business online since the company reaches 94% of the US population. From unlocking the active DoorDash customer base through the DoorDash Marketplace using Delivery, Pickup, and DashPass to receiving direct, commission-free orders on merchant’s own websites through Storefront, DoorDash provides restaurant partners with many ways to grow their business online and get more sales.

Attract New Customers | Increase Order Volume + Size 

87% of DoorDash merchants have the goal of attracting new customers. DoorDash enables restaurants to attract new customers and drive more orders through in-app marketing, including Ads and Promotions, which provide a simple way to get noticed by hungry customers and offer incentives to encourage consumers to place orders and increase the size of their orders. Additionally, restaurants have the ability to add alcohol to their menus to attract customers and increase order average order size. 

Optimize Current Business:

Over the course of a restaurant’s lifespan, many owners will require some kind of capital investment, whether to cover unexpected expenses, to open a new storefront, or just to meet normal operating costs. Products like DoorDash Capital help merchants grow, operate their day-to-day business and invest in the long-term. 

“Empire Palace Chinese Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant in a small, rural community near Pittsburgh that has been around for nearly two decades. In late 2021, we began our partnership with DoorDash and it has fundamentally changed our business and helped increase our monthly revenue by 30 to 50 percent,” said Pete Zheng, Owner of Empire Palace Chinese Restaurant. “With the adoption of Marketplace and Storefront, we have been able to grow our business online, even seeing growth in the typical, slower summer months. The adoption of Storefront alone helps us generate about a fourth of our total revenue. We’ve also offered ads and promotions through DoorDash to attract new customers, something that is often tough to do as an already established and beloved restaurant in our community, but received enormous benefits.”

Read more about how restaurants are using DoorDash’s Merchant Product Suite to unlock growth and success here

Today, DoorDash also launched Customer Insights in the Merchant Portal and Business Manager App. The new Customer Insights tab gives business owners a better understanding of their DoorDash customer by breaking down orders by customer type, provides a heatmap of locations and zipcodes where customers are ordering from, and offers custom marketing recommendations.

Inspired by direct merchant partner feedback, DoorDash is unveiling a new Learning Center. With more than 50% of merchants looking for supplemental educational resources on how to grow their businesses online, the Learning Center is a comprehensive, convenient learning suite with detailed step-by-step how-to instructions and short video tutorials that can be viewed anytime on mobile, tablet, or desktop that merchants can leverage to grow their businesses on DoorDash.

Finally, kicking off in Los Angeles this fall, Main Street Summit: LA will feature personalized content based on individual merchant needs, real-time support, one-on-one networking, and executive speakers and industry leaders all designed to optimize and accelerate business owners’ future growth. 

Founded in 2013, DoorDash operated in one city in California helping enable last mile delivery for local merchants; today, the company connects millions of consumers with their favorite businesses in 27 countries across the globe. As DoorDash has grown, the company has listened to partners’ feedback and evolved the set of products and solutions to deliver more growth for restaurants. No matter what goal businesses are looking to achieve, DoorDash can help restaurants grow.