Nov 4, 2020 Company

Prop 22 Victory Is a Clear Win for Dashers, Merchants, and Customers. Here’s What Happens Next.

By Tony Xu, CEO/Co-founder

Yesterday, California voters approved Proposition 22. This victory belongs to the tens of thousands of Dashers and small businesses who advocated so forcefully for this campaign, as well as the customers and the communities we serve. Californians embraced a new, progressive approach to the future of work that provides certainty, economic security, and continuity for the millions of Californians who look to DoorDash to earn supplemental income. And just as importantly, it creates a framework that allows us to double down on our commitment to empowering local California economies. For the first time, DoorDash is able to provide historic new protections to workers in California as soon as the provisions of Prop 22 take effect.

Prop 22 represents the approach that works for California, but each state is unique. We are committed to working with lawmakers across the country and in Washington to develop tailored solutions that reflect the 21st century economy, and provide certainty to everyone who has come to benefit from the gig economy, including Dashers, merchants, and customers.

We need a third way that recognizes that this new way of working is valuable. Because workers want it and it provides the legal protections and benefits they deserve – it’s as simple as that. We believe in developing a portable, proportional, and flexible framework that is easy to access and allows app-based workers to maintain their independence, while also providing new benefits.

Now is the time to push forward, focused on better, permanent, collaborative solutions for millions of workers across the country, and DoorDash is committed to leading that effort.

What Does this Victory Mean for California Dashers?

Under Prop 22, Dashers will maintain the independence they value, working on their own schedule, while accessing historic new benefits and protections, including a minimum earnings guarantee, health care funding, and enhanced occupational accident insurance coverage.

As soon as the law takes effect, Dashers will be eligible for benefits and protections outlined in Prop 22, including the minimum earnings guarantee and enhanced occupational accident insurance coverage. Eligibility for the healthcare subsidy is determined quarterly, and Dashers will be able to qualify in Q1 2021, with a first payout in April 2021.

What Does this Victory Mean for California Merchants?

DoorDash’s partnerships with merchants will continue to flourish. With the measures in Prop 22 in place, we can continue to focus on what we’ve become known for: helping merchants of all sizes thrive, especially now, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Does this Victory Mean for California Consumers?

DoorDash will continue to be accessible throughout California, connecting customers with local restaurants, providing meals and essential delivery, and helping to power local businesses.