By Stanley Tang, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Over the past two and half years, we’ve been hard at work building the most advanced delivery system on Earth. Starting today, that system just got even smarter at helping you get exactly what you’re hungry for.

Today’s release marks the first major redesign to our consumer app and website and is focused around making ordering food near you simpler and faster than ever before. Whether it’s delivering food directly from your favorite spot or introducing you to a new local flavor, DoorDash has truly become the app for any appetite.


With today’s release, we’re excited to launch the DoorDash “Delight score,” an industry first that displays the delivery quality for each store on our platform. We’ve delivered millions of meals and tasty morsels since DoorDash first launched, and each one has fed our evolving algorithm with quantitative and qualitative data that helps make the next delivery even better. By combining a number of data points including restaurant popularity, customer feedback, and much more, the Delight score can help you discover new restaurants in your neighborhood or help you decide between two different spots with similar food.

While customers now have the transparency to make well-informed decisions on where to order, restaurants can also use the score to improve their service and provide the best delivery experience possible. We are constantly tweaking the algorithm to ensure accurate scores and we update Delight scores regularly to incorporate the latest ratings, feedback and delivery data.


We’ve added another dash of speed into this update. From autofill searching based on common queries, to search results that update as you type, to performance and latency fixes galore, we’ve shortened the time between opening the app and opening your door.

We’ve also made sifting through all those food options as easy as pie. You can search by exact names or general types of food. Or you can use our new sorting filters to order by Delight, Price, and Speed. Pick your preference and get ready to eat.


This update also delivers on dashing good looks. Our redesigned layout is fun, vibrant and easy to use. We’ve crafted a new food photography library from scratch to showcase the thousands of dishes on our menus at their best, and you’ll start to see these delectable photos on more menus over time. Plus, we’ve rebuilt our mobile site to fit any screen and give maximum flexibility so you can browse the site however you want.

All the updates will be rolling out throughout the week and we’re excited to have you try them out as you select your next meal. Order up a fresh DoorDash delivery through your mobile app now or visit us at