DoorDash provides fast, reliable delivery for people of all shapes and sizes. But we knew we could go above and beyond for one small group of particularly small people: kids!

Today we’re excited to announce a new tool to help parents ensure the best ordering habits for their young eaters – we call it Meal Override Mode, aka M.O.M. With this new suite of features, M.O.M. handles dinner, so that mom (and dad) can take a break.

DoorDash M.O.M. helps you get more time out of time-out. Just activate M.O.M. and your tots will get these new features, along with their taters:

1 – Do Your Homework

Now, when kids order meals from your account, they’ll have a chance to practice their math skills too! Each order is a perfect opportunity to have children discover the wondrous power of arithmetic. Before they can submit their order, kids will have to solve the summation problem created by their order. More advanced students can even delve into algebra by calculating the correct tip and tax amount as percentages. Look out for those tricky 99’s!

Coming soon: support for bill-splitting calculations, the skill they’ll actually need in the future.

2 — Eat Your Veggies

Ready to eat? Great! Now let’s see those greens. With M.O.M. activated, your child won’t be able to finish their order until there’s a healthy handful of vegetables in their cart. With our menus galore, your young one will surely be able to find her favorite ‘mini-trees’ or ‘bunny food.’

Coming soon: The Airplane!

3 – Finish Your Chores

You’ve finally placed the order, now what will you do with your new found 45 minutes? Certainly not sit around and wait, that’s for sure. Since M.O.M. always knows best, it’ll calculate the best character-building opportunities that span the length of your delivery times. Watch your ladd or lass light up as they learn the joys of walking the dog, practicing piano, setting the table, and more!

Coming soon: Can’t decide what to get? Go ask your Dad (Delivery Accessibility Decider).

We’ve tested these new features during snack, recess and after cartoons so we know it can handle the stress. In fact, we can still remember when we tested the first order – watching every move closely, celebrating every single accomplishment. Come to think of it – our second, third, and all following orders have quickly became independent. And as our loyal young users continue to grow up so fast, we’re excited to equip eaters of all ages with healthy safeguards and learning opportunities for their development.

So try out M.O.M. today, and join the team to create your own experimental product any day you choose. After all, April 1 only comes around once a year! 🙂