Last week, we unveiled our first ever large scale consumer experience – the DoorDash “Tiny Home Away From Home” – in Austin. This curated event was designed to offer an intimate backyard-like space near the bustling festival grounds where more than 2,000 attendees grabbed food from locally beloved Torchy’s Tacos, listened to live music, and refueled while interacting with our brand in a new and unexpected way.

“Hundreds of thousands of people attending the conference are far away from home. They come from all around in search of memorable experiences. We wanted to be a part of the conversation by offering something easy to understand, appreciate, and access.” – David Bornoff, Head of Brand and Creative

Open to everyone passing by, the experience was designed to give attendees a taste of the DoorDash experience. They were guided through the Tiny Home, built to provide a familiar, friendly home setting, where they placed their order in a custom built version of the DoorDash app. They were then led into the backyard patio and directed to one of three red doors, which once opened revealed a Dasher holding their selected menu items. This concept was designed to give attendees a snapshot of the door-to-door service DoorDash uniquely provides customers.

Photo Credit: @Tifforelie

Each day provided attendees with a new experience. On Tuesday, after chowing down on bites from our exclusive partner, Torchy’s Tacos, guests were invited to check out a fun and informative panel with MasterChef finalists Ashley Mincey and Farhan Momin. We also hosted a number of musical acts throughout the week at the Tiny Home with show-stopping performances from Josh Dyer, Jacob Luttrell, Kat Dahlia, Anna Shoemaker, Lexi Todd, City of the Sun and Priscilla Renea. To celebrate the final day of the pop-up, DoorDash surprised attendees with an unannounced guest performance by CeeLo Green for an iconic performance of his hits “Forget You” and “Crazy” while the entire crowd sang along!

The “Tiny Home Away From Home” experience is just the beginning of DoorDash’s commitment to meet our customers where it matters most to them. Stay tuned to find out where we’re heading next.