By Ryan Alt, USMC, Associate General Manager San Diego and Austin King, US Army, Operations Associate New York

Sally Park is one of Charlotte’s all-star Dashers. She works with DoorDash delivering pizzas, burritos, and more to people across the Queen’s City to bring in some extra money for her family, to meet new people, and because of the gig’s flexibility. She is also a US Veteran.

Sally enlisted in the North Carolina Army National Guard in the summer of 2007 after spending three years in her high school’s JROTC program. The daugher of a retired Marine, she was raised around Veterans and knew from an early age that she wanted to continue in the family’s tradition of military service. After attending basic training, Sally served as an Army Intelligence Analyst. And after returning home to Charlotte, she started working with DoorDash on the side.

Today, on Veterans Day, we honor those in the Dasher community who have spent time serving their country in the military. As Veterans ourselves, we’re proud to work for a company that is both welcoming to those that have served, but also that provides such incredible opportunities for those transitioning back to civilian life.

For example, Sabrina O’Connell is a Dasher in Phoenix, and was one of the first people to sign up for work on DoorDash when we launched in Arizona last summer. She joined the Army in 1988 after graduating high school, and is a Desert Storm Vet, having served as a supply clerk in both active duty and the Arizona national guard. Sabrina loves working on DoorDash because of the flexibility and freedom to work any time she wants and for as long or as short as she wants. But Sabrina is also one of the many Veterans who deals with PTSD. As she told us, “Everyday is a different day for me dealing with PTSD but [DoorDash’s Phoenix team members] have been understanding and patient with me. I couldn’t work for a company with strict hours and attendance policies. That’s why I’m still contracting with DoorDash and I love being a Dasher!”

For those looking for flexible, part-time work as they transition from active duty service, DoorDash has become a natural fit. Not only does it provide the freedom many people need to make their own schedules, but for those of us who have served in the military, the skills needed to be a top Dasher come naturally. In the military, you are trained to accomplish a mission both by using a set of known information in front of you but also by reacting to unknown or unexpected situations that may come up along the way. At DoorDash, that’s what Dashers have to do everyday.

Sally and Sabrina are just two of the hundreds of Veterans among the Dasher ranks. But there are many more. Dave Erickson, who dashes in San Diego and started serving in the army in 1991 said, “Working for DoorDash helps me feel as though I am still serving my neighbors, my fellow citizens.” Nondas Sable-Williams, an Army Reservist who has worked as a Combat Medic, Petroleum Specialist and Human Resources Specialist, said, “The most important skill that I learned from serving in the military is to have integrity even when no one is looking.” The list of Dasher Veterans goes on and on.

As soldiers, sailors, aviators, and marines, we learn integrity, determination, teamwork, and the importance of serving our fellow citizens. These are not just military skills – these are skills that serve us everyday at DoorDash, whether it be as a Dasher, or as a General Manager of an entire market.

Today we salute all of our brothers and sisters who have served in the military. We thank you for your service and dedication, and you are in our thoughts on this Veterans Day.